[cryptome] Re: Syria

  • From: Peter Presland <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 06:54:40 +0100

On 29/08/2013 21:38, tivpine@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I do not know any country or a people who have not trampled on either
> her own people or other people to get their way economically,
> politically or other wise.

Phew! So that's OK then - except if the country just happens to be one
of the dwindling band that openly decline to see things the
US/UK/NATO/Israeli way - The 'world community' I think they call it
these days - in which case, contrived destabilisations and humanitarian
bombing campaigns become the order of the day, As you say some things do
not change, they just get uglier and uglier as power projection,
surveillance and weapons technologies advance.

Reminds me of a truism of the late great George Carlin about his own
country which explains quite a lot when you ponder it - 'the USA was
founded by slave-owners who wanted to be free'

> It is funny when people go Israeli atrocities against the
> Palestinians and not the other way round...like you mentioned how
> come people like you have not complained about the Falklands and or
> Gibralter...occupier???...what about the Kurds looking for their own
> homeland Peter???...

People like me ??? The Falklands ??? - you have absolutely no idea what
you are talking about. Try reading this:

It is an article authored in its entirety by me. Go on, educate yourself
just a little before making a fool of yourself with absurd accusations;
and if you can't make it through the whole piece, the conclusion will

I was going to post about Haim's 'Hasbara Handbook' 101 cut-and-paste
bullet points used in reply to an earlier post of mine. But do I need
to? Are they not so infantile as to be transparently obvious to any
savvy readership?

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