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*REPORT:*There is no evidence of Palestinian fighters using civilian
.*FACT:*Journalists and eyewitnesses repeatedly noted the use of civilian
clothes by Hamas fighters. *REPORT:*There is no evidence of armed groups
directing civilians to areas where attacks were being launched or forcing
them to remain in the vicinity of
*FACT:*Palestinian witnesses and video evidence reveal that fighters did
direct civilians to areas where attacks were being launched.  *REPORT:*There
is no evidence that
ambulances were used for military activities.
*FACT:*Eyewitnesses describe Palestinian firing from hospitals and using
ambulances. *REPORT:*The mission could not determine whether
used for military purposes.
*FACT:*There is video evidence of weaponry stored in a mosque, and of
secondary explosions of mosques consistent with the storage of explosives.
*REPORT:*The amount of aid allowed into
Israel decreased after the end of the fighting.
*FACT:*If not false, the assertion is at best disingenuous. The average
weekly number of humanitarian shipments increased in the months after the
war ended. *REPORT:*The "international community" regards the Gaza Strip as
after Israel's 2005 withdrawal.  Two UN documents are cited to
substantiate this assertion.*FACT:*Not only does the Report dismiss
the international law and scholars who argue against this view, but the
cited UN documents do not demonstrate such a position by the "international
community."  *REPORT:*Israel retains significant control over the Rafah
.*FACT:*The Rafah crossing is presently under Palestinian and Egyptian
control, both *de jure* and *de facto*. *TESTIMONY:*

The Zeitoun area is
militants> and had no militant groups or rocket fire.

This witness is credible and reliable, and there is no reason to doubt his

There are many documented cases of Palestinian militants being killed in
armed clashes in the neighborhood.
was not used to fire at Israel, and no combatants were killed in the
Fakhoura incident.*REPORT:*The Report was based in part on three interviews
with the Hamas official who made the above claim, and did not cast doubt on
his testimony.*FACT:*Palestinian eyewitnesses and Israel note that the area
was used to fire at Israel, and that combatants were killed in the Israeli

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Shelley <shelley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >>But it's not a war crime if Israel does it eh?
> But, The Holocaust!!1!  So no, I guess it doesn't count...
> Those aren't camps in to which they herd the citizens of Palestine, they
> are Settler Displacement Welcome Centers!
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> ------------------------------
> On Aug 29, 2013 12:24 PM, Peter Presland <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Substitute 'Gaza' and 'Palestinian' for 'Syria' and 'Syrian' below and
> you have a pretty accurate description of Israeli war crimes in 2008.
> Their preferred illegal CW's just happened to be white phosphorous and
> more people were killed - including over 400 children.
> But it's not a war crime if Israel does it eh?
> On 29/08/2013 13:35, Haim Barak wrote:
> > What has happened in Syria is not a local event but a crime against
> humanity
> > , violations of international law is responsible therefore joins world
> to
> > respond to that. Syria was an ethical boundary violation, violation of
> > international
> > law. The entire world witnessed the difficult images of the bodies of
> Syrian
> > children lying on the floor. President Obama spoke for all of humanity
> when
> > he said that there can be no violation of international law, mass murder
> > without adequate response. We understand that this time the reaction is
> > global rather than local.


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