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see url: www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/.../Uber-Fares-COMPLAINT.pdf

I do like a business and a management team which has a proper attitude to the job...maximising profit, whilst providing an efficient and cheap service, as long as it is through efficiencies or proper smart thinking and inventiveness, and as long as the customer and worker, and the state or local authority doesn't pay for it...or with a bit of ingenuity, even actually profits from it too.

It leaves so much other free thinking time to be spent on improving the business, or in Uber's case by insulting and harassing female employees, by using software which is deliberately deceptive which tries to foil competitors and law enforcement agencies; having soirees and male concentrated drink fuelled jollies on how wonderfully entrepreneurial and clever they are, as they pat each other on the back...and then blame each other and stab one another in the back after their "cleverness" gets caught out and publicised.

It is not as if the drivers are going to remain unaware of the con, yet these guys think that their staff are so stupid that they won't notice...especially taxi drivers. Have they never used a taxi? Do they not "employ" taxi drivers, as well as exploiting them? Why such people aren't criminalised, I will never understand. Why there aren't any criminal laws against it, I will never understand...must be some kind of world conspiracy of the New World Order going on...After all our social system is so open, transparent, democratic and provides equal opportunities for all our world citizens as well as protecting their human rights, even those of babies, that it couldn't possibly provide an open platform for such behaviour. Perhaps the whole production is stage managed, composed and written and directed from underneath where the piped orchestra resides and plays its tumultuous tunes from the hand and mind of an underground conductor...;-).



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