[cryptome] Re: 'Spy' toys face complaints from EU, US watchdogs

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Yup. Getting back doors and setting up marketing profiles for private corporations and governments, to sell or give away to unknown others via using insecure data collection, collation and distribution, are more important than your child's safety at the moment...and it looks like it will be like that for some considerable time. Of course all of these companies privacy policies states that they take you and your family's security as paramount and their safety most seriously. I am sure that we all get some comfort from that. Better than fake news...:-X

Nice to see that someone is complaining about it, particularly the EU...though it looks like it is going to crack up pretty soon...

Cest la vie,


On 06/12/2016 20:18, Peter M Howell wrote:

Agreed, I saw that this surfaced in the press somewhere near page 3 of the Sun perhaps.. more than a year ago... then slowly submerged with barely a ripple on untroubled waters..

The Norwegians , however, will not put up with media backsliding. Perhaps Norwegian children still play with dolls..

But, where is this going? If we agree that it is 'wrong' and 'unreasonable' for 'others' to carry out clandestine surveilance of children - biased to a moral perception- at what age and in what circumstances is it ever 'acceptable' ?

When can consent or knowing agreement to contract terms of use be gained from a 'child' ? A parent could never agree on behalf of an unwitting child - that would be crass and abusive.

And who determines when the need for consent is no longer needed because the child grew up .

Mrs Howell thinks I am still a kid so can I be protected from perverse underhand secretive surveilance ?

The press would have us believe that the ranks of politicians are replete with pedophiles so there is no safety for us kids there .

I need my teddy..


On 6 Dec 2016 15:00, "douglas rankine" <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Peter M. Howell,

    It is old news.  I believe that one of our colleagues brought the
    subject to our attention, around this time last year.  Nuffink
    changes...and when they do, they can only get worse...It is open
    season on the internet these days, from the NSA to our children,
    from the President to  "A Cat Called Bob".



    On 06/12/2016 11:54, Peter M Howell wrote:

    Is this old news still in play or has someone just woken up to
    another  part of the surveilance 'ice berg'  that commerce and
    security trade to each other.?


    ''Internet-connected Cayla and i-QUE, manufactured by Los
    Angeles-based Genesis Toys, hook up with a user via a phone or
    tablet while Hello Barbie links to the internet through Wi-Fi,
    said the consultancy Bouvet on behalf of the Norwegian Consumer

    Hello Barbie is not sold in Europe.''

    "By purpose and design, these toys record and collect the private
    conversations of young children without any limitations on
    collection, use, or disclosure of this personal information,"
    EPIC and other US watchdogs said in their complaint, which they
    say "concerns toys that spy".

    "Anything the child tells the doll is transferred to the US-based
    company Nuance Communications, who specialises in speech
    recognition technologies,"


    "The toys <http://phys.org/tags/toys/> are embedded with
    pre-programmed phrases, where they endorse different commercial
    products," BEUC said.


    ''They also asked the commission to halt Genesis' failure to use
    "reasonable security measures" for bluetooth connections for
    Cayla and i-Que.

    They urged the body to investigate and prevent US-based Nuance
    from using children's speech data to improve products and
    services sold to military, government and law enforcement agencies.''


    *And this is not a scream out loud public nightmare ? pmh *

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