[cryptome] Snowden Report US Government: House Intelligence Report

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see url: http://intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_snowden_review_-_unclass_summary_-_final.pdf

If this report is true and accurate, then it just goes to show how poor the classification, employment and recruiting, and security procedures are in the US Government. To not check up on such fundamental things as qualifications and accuracy of previous employment records submitted shows a crass disregard for the security of the American people, and what a waste to taxpayers money is being made on the intelligence services. One wonders why those members of the House Committee put their names to such a report when instead of showing Snowden for being a criminal and traitor, it shows how lax and stupid the US oversight committees and politicians are...

see url: https://tcf.org/content/commentary/house-intelligence-committees-terrible-horrible-bad-snowden-report/

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