[cryptome] Re: Security and the Rise of Snakeoil

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On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 1:41 PM, In Harms Way <11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Security and the Rise of Snakeoil
> Published: 04 June 2014
> The original of this essay was written by stf in Hungarian. I decided to go
> ahead and translate it into English because I liked it.

good indeed!
 ... now if only it wasn't so depressing and intimidating ;)
i have some other ideas for a way out of the mess.[0]

> how often do you update your systems?


> how strong are your email passwords? do you reuse them for other pages, too?

i pick a new one for every purpose, the stronger the better.
(some services don't let you pick a strong password) [1]

> how many of your peers use GMail, Facebook, Skype, and do you keep in touch
> with them through these?

i have no idea about Facestab or Skrap, but i and a few others use
GMail to express contempt for email as a whole and better data mine
(search) public list archives.

nothing conveys my contempt for email like a gmail account!

best regards,

0.  "security by self evident existence"
Red-Team Networks Everywhere!!!
This effort attempts to remedy the pervasive and comprehensive
vulnerability of consumer, industry, and government hardware and
software systems.  In order to achieve best effective posture with
maximum haste apply four principles globally:

1) Blanket Legal Invulnerability
Remove all criminal and civil liability for "hacking", computer
trespass, and all related activities performed over data networks;
establish proactive "shield" legislation to protect and encourage
unrestricted security research of any subject on any network. extend
to international agreements for blanket protection in all

2) Educational Support Everywhere
Establish lock picking, computing, and hacking curriculum in pre
school through grade school with subsidized access to technical
resources including mobile, tablet, laptop test equipment, grid/cloud
computing on-demand, software defined radios with full
receive/transmit, and gigabit internet service or faster.

3) Collaborative Competitions
Organize a program of blue and red teaming challenges for educational
and public participation at the district, regional, and national level
cultivating expertise and rewarding it with hacking toys, access, and

4) Privileged Positioning
Direct and unrestricted backbone access to various individuals or
groups who demonstrate competence in either the educational or
competitive realms, in order for them to mount additional attack
strategies against any reach-able target. this access must consist of
both passive taps of backbone traffic as well as injection taps for
raw packet transmission at core rates. this should be available on the
Internet backbone at internet exchanges, private fiber through public
right of way, and core networks of operators of licensed wireless

end result / strong attractor:
Open software and hardware widely in use in
post-privacy-protection-purge future will invert power structure to
defender with near unassailable advantage in "cyber domain".  Any
attacker required to compete against the global, collaborative,
massive, iterative-crowd-hardened systems publicly in use.

1. some free passwords!  these are all sekure, don't worry :)
dad2d212-3c6e-4d8e-9930-a8283186ed4b f3a56155-5f06-4e0f-8812-4e3b27050268
d66fba0b-f8fa-4bc9-9e35-26b368398712 cbf4152c-5753-471a-89b6-f6ae92943ca1
ve7zahchohla4iehoh6EimahgaireeN2 Ohph3shieth1shoal7ohQuohpohs4eed
ex5eenoobeeRoyie4Oe5uchoo8ashooK soowugh6lah1fohraiMahnobaeShai1A
o2{|!y)ebr-VsP.RXN214']('TcU;/SJ 4@2a,T.,N;os9Swe$`*(pn7z'T|o&J&Q
}}!"m;QV"QoAkN4.8]jLGhhnnSfL+&y3 [t++W|/#`I\S<DlO7/=%3}t7H0xHJ.zs
K%EMKqh$k7%>86erJ>_19>e!GQh12N0s ;tyN9Zc>%}ZnydEIHCN^RQVH>6Cny'[W
%^XSnBXc!3Z~~P/fF=>8 U[:ninIDx9i;4Rja|%m$ 6E6<ZtYu~;R\L?<HGoJn
Q+H=|Q9Ul"-|,_fFi[4h rDFsP{waE5>*DN#j5U?I 2/!3PVzFp-'`u5C#+40I
<.-[#Yf=9P#3Va$GdXrp x+1'T%1Yzb-CxM*l+yP/ ;tAa!q@41P%w5:zX0Xjy
<b/5Ylgfow3vB/%A nlYF+IXpK|3QND)" r`'%UTZ)7F?&&U|C iLXRef}T:I3WR}m?
&@ytq(nN-K+^z89' 7snnm46zH?f`'N)M w3&Hz.6rj=uxq=pV Ac_>,D~hHY{P5CkJ
1<"dOj=g*^Ek+fiX G|]rfs1i.'+H}3*7 gaP!%8N$3Wz-dB2M LR"yyx|C6-)_za='
H[`R0a+NIu1E 4S#|Q>,}XFsg LZ.3jE.9l/J= 9MZq38P<3,K< P9G!|-TeR3$n lzOb4I#>F(yx
h~UDZ_;.8@eB BN1R@AkD%6]c zt6.w|kG1Ub' *%QnT\!99}Ee ;BO#gNUzc5!e 1SM(>nM'^#12
Ni;#Yl2GX':g F@A*WYc@06%f T(-w$/$t_9*z W,/9I+&xsDx/ :7MVV|#2|CFd lJz?Z)m1)2<7
ohhu1foh3Eivah6Ohngo cothahquaiQuuogo6dei oba8ui7doh8eik0Ap4fe
jooReedi4huneo7Pohto oox7eix2paeShoo3kohh eiteash9footi7Cheequ
Ye9ka9uashoo6uYah8ei XohxeeC8paQueirielae aezol4ai0cahhaiCaeli
goh7phae4chaWo0U ieloo7ish1Ievooz NiyoosaePaghau4e eif1geeZuoth0eNg
PhishooshooYif9w neenahQu9ileesh2 ahMo2rooF3Faevei Ahqu7ukees1shool
Joocie9ge1aecang iew4po5eNgeetoce Thoh1iu6ief4ohVi Ohme5PhaeSho8uxe
eif1yei8 ietig0oo keif4eil dah5fafu bie3oshu saiviz1u ese1uec2 ietohbe3
ahxizee4 aid1aek9 rohjugh2 eo1if3ph ohoh1uu8 dooz8ze6 nai9saeh aeking0z
ha4equie jae6iz2j noo8aeyu iech2jam ba0feech ohng6aer aa1eid0u yoh6paep
21414 25410 12686 04946 11072 19016 26291
0176501025 2925313469 2932201624
1,5,13,17  1,8,16,20  4,5,13,17  2,7,15,19

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