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These documents were fabricated. Target Audience: Egyptian population. The
goal: to harm the revolution
English translation more readable than the title:
I got «home» on the details of the meeting of a strategic secret, held at
the US military base area «Dar Mstadt» Germany, in the period from 16 to 18
Aug., Under the name of «about a coup Egypt», and was attended by
representatives of the Mossad Israeli and representatives of the United
States and a US National Security and a representative of the British
forces in Cyprus, and a representative of the French Ministry of Defence
and a representative of the operating room of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization, and about 29 reports were issued registered under the
category of 'very secret'.
According to the documents, the meeting was on «Shell Egypt in all
respects» After the success of the revolution June 30 and isolate President
Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi, through several steps, including keeping
the political and economic decision in Egypt in a state of paralysis , and
delay or prevent the investment and launch a campaign to influence the
reputation of the Egypt Finance, as well as insecurity in Egypt by pumping
weapons from the Negev, Sudan, Libya and Chad, and to be targets that will
be hit are the gas and electric transformers, and major bridges, and
ferries Suez Canal, so as to maintain the state of tension in Egypt.
According to the minutes of the meeting: «يتفاهم conferees that their
business is not over yet because of the length research agenda, and because
of the need for some additional studies and the results presented, and will
be updated in the next meeting, this meeting prolonged has adopted
positions should direct their implementation waiting to take the rest of
the decisions, reminiscent of leadership we need a political nearly two
years of free decision in the area of operations, so as to end the dams
on the sources of the Nile in Ethiopia, Uganda and some other sites.
According to the minutes of the meeting also: «We were able to waters of
the Euphrates valley by dams Turkish, but we need an additional two years
of rule by the Islamists there, and the Turkish threat seriously, the risk
is still great and we can not shielding with a fixed system in Egypt does
not recognize بقراراتنا. . The loss of Marsa hardly be greater than the
loss of Mubarak.
He said attendance at the meeting: «urgent need to gain time in Egypt and
to keep the political and economic decision in a state of paralysis, and
the rate of deaths in Syria and Iraq is in the range of 6 thousand a month,
and we need to reach that number in Egypt, to weaken its ability to
influence regional so as not our risk.
She document also: «reminiscent of the political leadership that the
highest priorities requested by the political leadership is to convince
public opinion in our country, the importance and the necessity of the
measures that we intend to take, and that public relations campaign has not
yet succeeded, فشعوبنا still either far from understanding is in Egypt or
is not convinced of its importance
The audience in the minutes of the meeting: «decision to drop the Muslim
Brotherhood was a nasty surprise for us, since all the reports presented to
us indicated the absence of the ability of decision-making when driving the
current transitional, although the weakness of this analysis led to our
surprise a negative impact on the course of our work on a strategic level ».
According to the meeting also «proved to be diplomatic maneuvers that we
have made were not at the required level, as it did not succeed in gaining
the role of mediator and was able to gain time and do not influence the
decision-Egyptian, and the scattering of positions allied with us requires
work to re-unite and coordinate their positions under the supervision of a
unified, and make sure the Turkish leadership not to overpay to show their
positions as it did in Syria, so that you can play the roles entrusted to
them intelligently, and enhance coordination with Israel so that the
decision-making mechanism, and facilitate the passage of the required
resources «required resources» across the Negev and the Sinai to Egypt ».
The minutes of the meeting to the «need to issue promises to Hamas by Qatar
and Turkey in order to enable its line of political and maintain a role
consistent with our programs, and the reorganization of the relationship
with the Muslim Brotherhood Libya and line regulation of transport Desert
on the tracks Coastal and Desert, inject a program of cooperation with the
powers-friendly in Sudan, and line regulation Supply to central and
southern Egypt with the reorganization of sites in Wadi Halfa, and the
reopening of the line «Chad» to trail forty lakes Toshka, and the
appointment of a liaison officer French with the local authority, and the
surface at the level of coordination between the positions of the members
of NATO scattered capabilities of the total, so it is obliged re-straighten
trends relations between NATO members.
The meeting recommended that establish US cell crisis management
coordinates all the activities of departments of the federal relating to
the strategy of the Orient «levant» and be this cell is the party
coordinator for the activities of the federal with NATO, and mean cell
centrality of information to all elements and institutions allied, and an
alliance cell similar coordinate between members alliance headed by the
representative of the American cell.
He said minutes of the meeting «the need to organize a session review
diplomatic alliance members, and adopt positions consistent with a clear
division of roles and drafting philosophy integrated for each role of the
roles imposed on these philosophies, and take into account the political
background of the currents of the Egyptian political and Arabic, which
means NATO Astnfarha within the framework of his plan public and the need
for Israel to determine the per-faceted phenomenon and published for
operations and inventory functions, and the appointment of a crisis
management cell of the NATO delegates to coordinate with all countries and
regional and local bodies, with the adoption of a unified transport system
in each region.
The meeting stressed the need to consider the United States the possibility
of rehabilitation and processing base in Jordan and the Sinai, and Incirlik
in Turkey with a view to harmonization of working methods and unity of
command and military organization of the regional presence.
The lack of coordination of regional and local may cost us a lot of wasted
time and resources wasted, although the differences between the Syrians on
the management of operations to destabilize the regime and among Iraqis
about the face extend Iranian influence may have led to the failure are
still paying the price in the international arena, especially in our
negotiations with China on the agenda Asian and negotiations with Russia on
the European agenda and the Mediterranean. And coordination must be raised
to acceptable levels.
The meeting reaffirmed the study of the proposal for the standardization of
cell crisis management of the alliance in both Syria and Iraq, Egypt and
report it as soon as possible, and to coordinate our regional by
intensifying trading between cell Egypt and cell alliance of Syria and cell
alliance of Iraq and linking the three accurately with the cell's central
NATO, regional and adjust funding for local units operating on the ground
in order to impose a political line for everyone is consistent with our
plans. And adjust the contact with the local units operating in the field
in order to impose unification of political behavior for everyone and
protect the consistency of the plan, and control of the network
communications Qatar in Syria, Iraq and transform its leadership to the
Saudis, and coordination active «active» and detailed with the Saudi team
and prevent overtaking and individual initiatives and a commitment to issue
decisions and directives for crisis management committee of the alliance
with the utmost confidentiality and quickly organize the Egyptian local
leaders to coordinate work with each team separately Islamist politician
and keep our customers Egyptians out of decision-making centers and the use
of their objective manner when needed, taking into account the
psychological point of view and make them feel that they are taking
And assigning a British team to work on the southern front logistics and
Western and Israeli Jordanian team to the front Sinai and the Negev, all
under the unified command of the crisis management committee Egypt.
The recommendations came as follows: political leadership reminds us that
the decision to boycott Egypt economically has been taken on a written
decision to remain until a timely manner to direct this track «process» and
thus inform us that the political leadership, which will kneel in Egypt is
the economic side.
And concludes the audience they need to focus on the scenario and assign
financial institutions specialist to bet the financial Egyptian currency to
influence its value, and the launch of a campaign to influence the
reputation of Egypt administrative, financial, and implementation of the
siege of the country in international financial institutions, and the use
of specialists to develop a plan of effective financial help to implement
our program.
She recommendations: «The success of the task of undermining security in
Egypt require certain actions remain under our control completely to avoid
improvisation and act local reckless« apache-like behaviour locals », and
to ensure the development of financial network to replace the network
Brotherhood liquidating now, and elaborate plans Supply ammunition and
processing Using the Negev, Sudan, Libya, Chad, stationed in the Sinai
And require these preparations some time for it must be separated
warehouses intended for current use from those related to the launch of
operation 'revolution' new, and training programs to move from Egypt to
neighboring countries or to the Sinai, and keep communication and
spying of Herzliya
And the new targets, said the minutes of the meeting: at the end of the
preparations must be the list of targets have been verified and deposited
at the Bank of objectives and cover the following categories: water pipes
and domestic gas, transformers and circuit- switched electrical, and major
bridges, fiber optic, the rules of Jacks in the various ports, warehouses
major petrol and gas, and expressions of the Nile and the Suez Canal, and
ask the specialist goals complete list until adopted by the conferees, and
the goals that are selected that require responses from the Egyptian
authorities, and has a cost of popularity is very high «highest possible
collateral damage» with effect leads to restlessness People.
In addition to maintaining the state of tension in Egypt based on the
limited protests and demonstrations and peaceful, with a view to luring
Homeland kindness but also in order to gain time until it is complete
preparations with insisting on the not recklessly leadership, and curb
their enthusiasm is studied and put a final end to the improvisation. In
addition to the demand of diplomacy all cooperation in order to maintain a
pressure on the Egyptian government, but without access to the rupture,
which does not benefit us, because the required gain time at the moment,
and at the start of work on the new plan, to be delivered new plans with a
view to formulating a diplomat and work on implement them. The meeting
concluded: «direct off the implementation of what has been understanding of
the preparations and planned preparations in order to be ready for
implementation when the release of political decision».

On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 6:22 PM, Haim Barak <haim357@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Secret strategic summit in Germany from the west security systems
> including Israel.
> You could say that the Egyptian newspaper - "صدي Country" = Saddam Balad
> "went journalist card. Managed to get the details of the discussions held
> ... as part of a strategic summit of the heads of the security of the
> United States, England, France, Germany, NATO and Israeli representative.
> Attended by Israeli Mossad representative.
> Representative from the United States participated in the NSA.
> From other countries were representatives from their security systems.
> The conference theme was: "" حول انقلاب مصر "- around the military coup in
> Egypt.
> The conference was held in Germany from August 16-18.
> At the end of the summit event received 29 decisions.
> Summit has been classified as "top secret."
> Journalist biggest achievement of the paper had details of the issues
> raised and discussed during the meeting.
> The following documents:
> http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/44694.shtml
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This e-mail is intended only for the named recipient(s) and may contain
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