[cryptome] Schneier's Insecurity Problem...Another State Agency

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see https://cryptome.org/2017/02/Schneiers-Internet-Security-Agency-Bad-Idea.htmurl:

Another interesting set of views and remarks...

Security is easy...when one knows what it is, what it is for, who wants it, why they want it, and if they get it...how they manage to use it...securely. and who is going to want to undermine it, play devious with it, make it better for them, whilst making it look better for you, make you feel more secure in not knowing how secure it is...apart from a nice feeling that it is.

It's a bit like the meaning of truth. We all know what deception is...don't we...aren't we all experts in that? But when it comes to the truth, or truths...like lies and deceptions, there are far too many of them, different methods, different meanings, different approaches, different interpretations, different historical times, different contexts; that it becomes like going to a hypermarket and trying to select a suitable choice, pick the truth commodity that you fancy, objective or subjective, pay what you think it is worth, play around with it, test it out, use the scientific method, the philosophical method, the sociological method, the economic method, the political method, the sincere method, the sales method, the misrepresentation method, set up a committee around it, come to a conclusion...or two...use finite and infinite logic, fuzzy algorithms, nano-spheric thinking...and then, when you find out how fucking useless it is, if you are dishonest, sell it on at a bigger price extolling its virtues, and recap your losses, or if you are honest, give it away with your conclusions, to the next sucker down the line to play around with...if they are willing to take it on, of course. Even dump it, waste products can be worth a fortune these days, recycled in some way or just plain recirculated.

Far better to put in an artificial intelligence machine in the foyer of the market place and pull the handle and select the random answer...depending on how much it costs per try...and there is no guarantee via price of how "truly" random the randomness is, even with a high and low degree truth selector.

Even better join Cryptome mailing list and let it all hang out babe...for all the world to see...:-). At least you know that your encryption works because there are no back doors in it...how can there be...in plain text...;-)



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