[cryptome] Schenghen Agreements

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 21:36:36 +0000

Has the United States Government, ever thought about asking permission for their agents to pass through a country which has signed the Schenghen Agreement, rather than just imposing a visit on the host country of a US government agent under cover of some kind? It is amazing, you know, how much cooperation and help one can get from people and governments if one just asks their permission. Is it OK if I visit your country? I mean you no harm, I am just passing through or just want to study your society and its culture, with a view to promoting good relationships and trade. Or, I am chasing a terrorist, can I have your help by facilitating the transport of our agent through your country. Seems simple doesn't it? But there you are, the US likes to do it the hard way, do it in secret, upset everyone, tread on peoples toes, walk all over them. What is their problem? World domination? Survival of the fittest, meaning the most powerful? Is that the name of the game? It is a bad idea...they should have learned that from Darwin, from history, from the Roman Republic, to Genghis Khan to Adolph Hitler.

Even Eisenhower recognised the problem. In his day it was the military industrial complex taking over, nowadays it is the Cyberwars internet security complex taking over.

It is those Chinese and Indians and Pakistanis and Afghans and, now, North Koreans wot are responsible of course. If it weren't for these "axes of evil"....Oooops" The Christian religion pops up its ugly head again...and there was I...thinking that the US state was secular...then everything in America would be hunkey dorey.

9/11's happened in Vietnam every day, in Korea, in Libya, and Afghanistan and Iraq, and all over the Middle East, and they happen almost every day in hotspots all over the world. There are over 350 US military bases throughout the world...What are they doing, what are they there for? "Democracy comes through a military base" is that the slogan..."Enduring Freedom" hangs outside every foreign US military establishment.

3000 people died in the Twin Towers...It all happened in one day. For Christ's sake,does the rest of the world have to suffer, because the American state, which thought it was secure, got the shit bombed out of a couple of tower blocks in New York, because it thought its borders were secure, because it got caught with its trousers down? Because some pretty stupid Muslim extremists worked out that American borders weren't quite so secure as they seemed to the Americans? Are we all to suffer payback time because the US of A, fucked up on the day? The C.I.A fucked up. The NSA fucked up. The military fucked up. The US government fucked up. Bush fucked up. They couldn't connect the dots...as Obama said. Obama, powerful though he is, can't even get rid of Gitmo. They still torture, they still force feed, they refuse to let inmates die. They refuse to let them go free, even though they have committed no offence, no crime, apart from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I mean, it is terrible that all those 3000 people died, and that it caused such a debacle and such pain and grief all over the United States...and of course such a terrorist action was wrong. It goes without saying that terrorism is wrong. Violence and torture, as a way of life are wrong. I have always said so, I have always believed so...but do we, the rest of the world, all have to suffer for so long, because of a fuck up of American Security by the powers that be?

Look at Sony...once again... A Japanese company in America, it can't even deliver proper security for its employees, it is run by a load of lightweights...And POTUS gets pulled in to the game and starts looking for someone to blame...North Korea...they are easy to blame, they don't matter, they are easily defeatable. As yet, there isn't a shred of truth, that they are responsible. Even then, the breakdown in I.T. security lies firmly at America's door. Isn't it about time that the Americans started looking closer to home, at home, in their own backyard and sorting out those problems, before lumbering the rest of the world with their home grown problems...and whose big ideas, which never work out in practice...elsewhere...
Just a thought...

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