[cryptome] Re: S.A.G.A. Petition: Replace Cows on Dairy Crest Building

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On Monday, July 14, 2014 6:06 AM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Who says I don't do socially useful things...

For years, as we drove west down the A4 to go on holiday, I used to
    point out to my children the cows made of fibre glass wot sat on the
    top of the roof at the Dairy Crest building at Sunbury on Thames,
    here in England; so that they knew that milk didn't just come out of
    bottles, us being city dwellers at the time.  In their turn, my
    children pointed out to my grandchildren the same thing, only the
    other day, as we drove past...with the same excited responses and
    childish questions....Now, I find out that the company have taking
    them down and are not replacing them, this has caused consternation
    amongst the masses of West London.  Luckily some socially aware
    person has set up a petition which is looking for 100,000 signatures
    so that the proposition to replace them can be discussed in
    Parliament...there are already 5000 signatures on the petition.

I know this may not be of international concern and people abroad
    may never see these lovely little fibre class cows on top of the
    Dairy Crest building, but they are just as important as the Statue
    of Liberty, or the large onion ring at GCHQ to people who drive
    along the A4. Liberation is not just about revolution and terrorism,
    but gaining knowledge bout nature  and setting good examples to our
    kids too...

You can sign the petition here and find out more at url:
P.S. Don't pay out any money....just sign the petition please.  Show
    them that this is a world wide campaign.
P.P.S. Don't let any one else know...it's a big secret. We are
    hoping to spring a surprise on the powers that be...
P.P.S. No more thin ends of the wedge...of milk cheese.

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