[cryptome] Re: S.A.G.A. Paperless Drives & Other Ruminations

  • From: Neal Lamb <nl1816a@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 06:51:54 -0700


Just what kind of decline this represents remains to be seen.  What does seem 
clearer today is that the rise of the national security state and 
the triumphalism of the corporate sector (along with the much publicized growth 
of great wealth and striking inequality in the country) has been accompanied by 
a decided diminution in the power of the government to 
function domestically and of the imperial state to impose its will 
anywhere on Earth.

On Monday, July 14, 2014 5:41 AM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I am surprised no one picked up on this one either...All you guys
    who want to keep your stuff private and secure as you travel round
    the world liberating the masses, and protecting the privacy and
    security of our individual U.S., citizens and the rest of us who
    have no rights...according to US law...what better way than a
    paperless usb flash drive...Is it undetectable in the airport
    scanner I wonder...could it be made into a copy of the New York
    Times and plugged into your earhole via a paper clip so that you can
    read it whilst in the jail cell awaiting discovery that you are not,
    after all, an international spy or usb terrorist?  The mind
    boggles...We will be  having paper bombs next...all this new
    technology and chemicals wot is being invented...

Had a lovely weekend, walking in the mountains with the missus and
    family...well...hills, in Cheshire...Don't know about clearing out
    the calcified brain cells, but it sure did nearly give me a heart
    attack.  Climbing hills at my age.  Still, there were a lot of us up
    there...oldies I mean...not a lot of geeks, though...I think geeks
    die young, not enough exercise...Still, security is a young mans
    game though...eh!  That's why we got Snowden...that sort of thing
    rarely happened in my day...People used to keep secrets then.

 Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too.   Looking forward to the
    U.K. government passing the new data laws...Does this mean that I
    can get back ups from the ISP when my computer crashes, I
    wonder...and there is a court case going on too here in the UK.
    between the Civil Liberties and the GCHQ over "imaginary" or as GCHQ
    prefer to call it "hypothetical" data collection software being used
    at fibre optic cable entry and exit points...Tempora or summat...

I shall be unobtainable for a while...the old world of vegetable, or
    is it vegetating patches and allotments, is beckoning and we have no
    wi-fi, television, radio or computers...apart from watching boring
    ole films on dvd.  My annual need to recharge the batteries.

Have a gay day...

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