[cryptome] Russians and Chinese Allegedly Access 1 Million Snowden Documents

  • From: "Douglas Rankine" <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 19:59:31 +0100

NEWSFLASH: Sunday Times Article

See url: http://cryptome.org/2015/06/ru-cn-snowden-1m-docs.htm

Oh! Dear! What a terrible tizwaz. The UK Prime Minister, The Home
Secretary, the Secret Services and the Intelligence service have only just
realised that the Edward Snowden documents have been cracked by the Russians
and Chinese, and urgent moves have had to be made to pull back our spies
and agents in the front line, so that the Russians and Chinese won't catch
them in the field. All our tradecraft has been revealed to them, but no
spies or agents have been killed or captured, which is such a relief, at
least Snowden isn't a murderer, just a traitor. whistleblower and most
inconvenient person, who should only get 150 years when he returns to the
USA for a fair trial. Isn't it just terrible that those primitive Russians
and Chinese with their concrete brains, ancient security and intelligence
services, have compromised 5 Eyes most advanced security techniques, which
Mr. Snowden, as the epitome of absolute, top of the hill, NSA security, if
not anonymity, has been using to hide his documents so that they can be fed
to the Western news media in dribs and drabs. All those journalists could
be out of a job, if they are subverted by the Russians and Chinese.

Now that the stuff is no longer a big secret, perhaps the time has come for
them all to come clean and declassify them, so that we, the taxpayers and
citizens of the world, can have a look at them, analyse them and help
discover any vulnerabilities and make suggestions as to improving encryption
and improving civil liberties, as well as, at the same time helping the
nation states to protect us from the criminals, money launderers,
terrorists, war mongers, arms dealers and child molesters throughout the

Dammit! That idealist streak of mine keeps getting in the way.

Now, what do all the spies and spooks, goons and agents on here think of the
Sunday Times article...Do you think it is a black op, or a grey op, a
diversionary tactic to try and protect the right of government ministers to
issue warrants on behalf of the state, rather or as well as the justiciary,
on the flimsiest of evidence, or to re-inforce the need to continue with
bulk collections and store the stuff in all those huge data silos for future

It's OK...guys and gals, the questions are rhetorical, no need to expose
yourselves and blow your cover on here, it has already been done for
you...:-). Apparently, the Russians and Chinese have got all the
information anyway... J.

It couldn't be the fact that the inquiry "A Question of Trust" has been
published and does a roundup of most of the techniques and skills and
tradecraft, in an open source way, and is somewhat of an embarrassment for a
democratic government, which has been subverting citizens rights
surreptitiously, and via confusion and economies of truth, hiding the extent
of their double talk and hypocrisy? And the media accept it hook, line and
sinker. The times are long gone when the Sunday Times had a good
investigative journalist team. Nowadays, they rely on government handouts
and lazy internet research, rehashing and re-circulating articles without
checking and double checking them. No wonder I don't buy newspapers these
days... J.



N.B. "A Question of Trust" is really getting interesting, especially the bit
on technology.

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