[cryptome] Rights of Assembly and Freedom of Speech

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Is this an open space or are they turning it into a cemetery? This is not the first time this has happened in history.

I remember in the 1960's we had a new Chairman of the Public Parks elected. He was a leading light in the British Labour Party, a true socialist and democrat and was an avid supporter of free speech and rights of assembly, and believed in putting democracy into practice. At least his election manifesto said so. He decided, in all his wisdom, to issue an edict, and rewrote the rules of the public parks in the borough. We call them by laws and they were very similar to this one.

Being an idealist, utopian socialist and Young Communist at the time, I took issue with him and wrote a letter to the the local newspaper, with a copy to him, and ran a campaign. The first question I asked was when the last time was that there was a demonstration in the public park, and had there been any vandalism or violence, by a bunch of hooligans or any other group of people. He didn't know. Did he know if there were all night parties, conducted in the parks, with drugs and booze and nakedness and free and easy group sex, and if the police had been called? No, he said. I then asked if music could be played. He said, yes but a license was required, as it might disturb the neighbours, and the Council got the fees, as it was a commercial enterprise. I asked if people could play games. He said yes. I asked what games could be played...He didn't reply, but he was obviously getting exasperated, because he issued a statement saying that all he was doing was to line up the Park By Laws with the rest of the London Boroughs. I asked him why...no reply. I asked him when was the last time there had been trouble in the borough parks. He didn't know. I asked him if he would mind if we held a demonstration in the park to protest against the prohibition of demonstrations in the park, and if he would he care to join us and show his solidarity and see how a good, peaceful demonstration could be organised...perhaps he would prefer to ban it and call in the police to stop it. I asked him who owned the parks, who paid for the parks, was it him or the taxpayer. He didn't reply. Of course in those days, we didn't have the problem with homeless people or with drug addiction, or out of work and bored youngsters, as we do in some areas now.

It just goes to show, not a lot changes...anywhere in the world. Authority takes liberties with the peoples freedoms, and they do it without any reason or logic, they do it when there isn't a need for it. They just do it for the sake of it...because they can, some stupid minded politically motivated, politically correct bureaucrat, gets a bee in his bonnet. Mind you, we still have that little place called Speakers Corner at Hyde Park...which not only serves the tourists, but is the only such place in the whole of the United Kingdom. It is only available on a Sunday... It is quoted in the tourist literature as proof that free speech and the right of assembly is preserved and valued in our society.



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