[cryptome] Referendum Aftermath: Leadership Elections 2016

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see url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36730216

The dirty tricks department is working well I see, with attacks on all 3 Conservative candidates going on. What we need is a united dirty tricks department, then the world of dirty tricks can become the united new world order, instead of the disunited new world order or disunited dirty tricks departments. Long live the Conservative Party....of England...:-).

Theresa May, the present Home Secretary is favourite, though she is a very quiet Remainder. Anyway, we might have to hold a general election after she is elected instead of waiting until 2020, and there is still that legal challenge to the result of the Referendum for the Brexiteers to worry about. If the result does go to the membership all of the members of the UK Conservative Party will be entitled to vote...and where they stand on Brexit or Bremain...is not yet known.

Michael Gove, is certainly getting a name for himself as Brutus the second...but he isn't as good an actor. He not only looks humble, but does more of a stumble in his interviews. That's the trouble with being in public view at such a crucial time for the furthering of ones career. Already accused of doing for Boris, and now trying to do for Andrea, though he denies knowing anything about it; wants everyone to vote for him, so he can be a member of the final two who are to present themselves for election to the whole of the Conservative Party Membership. (if there is an election of course...a deal might be done beforehand...one never knows). The result of which two candidates will be the last two comes in later on this afternoon. He is going to save the British people from the mercies of the European Commission, the EU Parliament, the EU market, the EU immigrants, and live happily ever after in the free market of the world...side by side with Obama...and Texas...and Trump...or email Clinton on the Hil...:-).

Andrea Leadsom, a Brexiteer, says that criticism that she exaggerated or fiddled her c.v. as a banker and CEO of a trust fund, are ridiculous and not worth the text messages they are printed on.

Odds on favourite with the bookies is Theresa May...she will be difficult to beat. It depends on how many of her present supporters decide to switch to Michael Gove or Andrea Leadsom...which is not a lot...in my view.

The Labour Party leadership contest is still in a stalemate. The Remainder M.P.s don't know what to do to get rid of the present leader, Jeremy Corbyn, so they have given up for the moment...Maybe they are all looking out for new holiday jobs...outside of parliament...Trouble is, will there be any vacancies for the types of talent they have...they are certainly no good at riding horses and carts..., or at knowing their own Labour Party constitution...even though they all voted for it...Still, give them time...:-).

see url: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/06/defeated-labour-rebels-admit-its-finished-as-jeremy-corbyn-refus/

"The Weel laid plans o' mice an' men...gang aft agley.." Robert Burns in "To A Mouse"...



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