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  • Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 21:40:58 +1300

I see in the media the reports of one which l read on Sunday in the Sunday Star 
times about New Zealand is alleged to have done. Too much in the media we get a 
slanted view of events in the New Zealand Media, so l would like to submit this 
to you what Dr Russell Norman had to say. Dr Russell Norman is the co-leader of 
the Green Party in New Zealand a hard left political party. A small political 
party in opposition to the government of New Zealand.
If you consumed this stuff in context you would get a far better handle on 
things, instead of the slanted version that is presented in the media which is 
often out of date.

2015-0200.pdf         GCSB XKeyscore via New Zealand Herald-Leaksource March 5, 
2015-0206.pdf         GCSB XKeyscore 2 /New Zealand Herald-Leaksource  March 6, 
2015-0213.pdf         GCSB XKeyscore 3 /New Zealand Star Times         March 8, 
2015 (3.7MB)

Helen Clark is the former Prime Minister of New Zealand and is now the United 
Nations Development Chief

By the way, l am just an ordinary member of the public who does not work for 
the government, but sees this material and realises this stuff is incorrect.

I know of Dr Russell Norman and have met him a few times as one does. I was in 
the debating chamber today listening to this whole debate in person.
The New Zealand Prime Minister John Key had his response to this whole Issue 
after Dr Russell Norman asked his question to the Prime Minister.

Published on 9 Mar 2015Does
 the Prime Minister still stand by his answer that he will resign if the
 GCSB has conducted mass surveillance of New Zealanders; if so, what is 
his definition of mass surveillance? 

If you listen to the whole clip on Youtube then you will get the whole context 
of what the Prime Minister of New Zealand has said about this in response to 
what Dr Russell Norman has said.

Government Communications Security Bureau Amendment Act 2013Public Act2013 No 
57Date of assent26 August 

10.03.15 - Question 3: Dr Russel Norman to the Prime Minister



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