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Hi Shaun,
Who knows what is going to happen in the UK in the next 6 months. The Conservatives have been threatening to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights...that is true...but they have been doing that for a while, and they won't get it through under the present coalition government. It was mainly because they were made a monkey out of over the question of the extradition/expulsion of Abu Qatada to Jordan to face terrorist charges. He led us all a merry dance, but in the end he was quite right. If it hadn't been for his struggle for his human rights, of not having evidence admitted to the Jordanian court which had been gained via torture, he would be almost certainly have been sentenced to death. Our government would have been responsible for the man's death...and breaking all the international rules on human behaviour and protecting human rights; but prejudice goes deep with our Conservatives too. I don't know if he was guilty of any other crime. The government just didn't care about his human rights and a huge campaign of vilification was waged against him in the media and against the European Court.

One does get the feeling too, that the only people who seem to take action to get their human rights are prisoners and criminals. I look at Google these days, and wonder what is missing in the "right to be forgotten" clause at the bottom of the search. I believe just as much as anyone else in giving the protection of private data a much higher priority in the scheme of things, but it can be a two edged weapon...

Due to the recent referendum in Scotland, the Scottish National Party has increased its membership quite significantly, even though it lost the vote. The intervention of the main Westminster political parties and personalities, has cost their parties dearly, in terms of support, number of members and cash. The Conservatives are already more or less finished in Scotland, and, if recent polls are anything to go by the Labour Party will get decimated, losing over 30 Westminster M.P.s to the Scot Nats. If the promises made by the "No" alliance, regarding extra powers and control by the Scottish government are not met, it may be even worse. The Labour Party is reliant on the Scottish vote to return it to Westminster with a parliamentary majority. The Labour heartlands are moving over to the SNP. No shipyards, no unions, no working class. The Scottish independence question is not going to go away, I think.

The English are getting more "bolshie" too. They are now asking why the Scots get a say in purely English legislation, when the English don't get a say in Scottish legislation. And there is a move away from Westminster to developing a more regional, devolved kinds of government. There is a lot of disillusion amongst voters regarding political leaders and M.P.s. They all seem to be from the same class and went the same posh schools and universities, and social mobility, so essential for democracy, is fast disappearing. The gulf between rich and poor is growing fast, and people are wondering why we have the money to bail out the banks and criminal bankers to the point of trillions of pounds and increase the national debt, yet we can't afford to put any money into the NHS and other benefits to look after the needs of most of our citizens.

We, the taxpayers seem to be subsidising big business too, paying out tax credits because workers don't get enough wages from large companies like Tesco, who spent the cash on private aeroplanes for their senior staff. We also seem to have plenty of money for foreign wars and supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in the Middle East (£800 million) was on offer to the terrorists in Syria, until parliament voted no, last year. Yet they couldn't pay out £20 million to solve the problem of flooding in the Somerset Levels. Something really wrong is going on in our society. It aint like wot it used to be. Our leaders just don't care any more, there is not even a pretence, they just want money and power, and are prepared to sell out to the highest bidder...very sad.

The Scottish government, isn' t really a national government as such. It is really a regional government created under European Union legislation. If we pull out of the EU, I don't know what will happen constitutionally.

So, if the United Kingdom Independence Party gets a lot of votes, (estimates vary up to 40 m.p.s, but that is probably optomistic) it will be taking them from the main two political parties, and the EU referendum may very well go their way. The extra money (£1 billion) offered by Cameron to the Northern Ireland government has been rejected, so it looks like the remnants of the old Unionist/ Conservative alliance has gone down the pan. The Welsh too, are asking for increased powers from Westminster. UKIP has very little influence in Scotland at present. England of course is the dominant nation with over 60 million of a population whilst Scotland has barely 5 million and Northern Ireland and Wales, even less.

Alex Salmond who resigned as leader of the SNP after the defeat of the referendum, is now looking to return to Westminster as an M.P. at the general election. There is a lot of talk about how many seats the minority parties might take away from the main two parties, and that Salmond could finish up being Deputy Prime Minister. :-D At the last general election, a big thing was made about going for proportional representation as being more democratic, but the Liberal Democrats lost that argument, and first past the post, which is our traditional voting system for general elections, is not going to give any party a clear majority, say the experts on demographics and polling agencies.

The establishment here in the UK is somewhat non-plussed at the moment, as all the two main political parties can offer is to compete with one another over who can cut public services the most...and they don't really know what to do about "The East Lothian Question" as it is called.

It might be better to go for an English parliament at Westminster, and remove the unelected House of Lords and have a House of Nationalities...but I can't see the establishment going for that, as it would create a major constitutional mess and lots of other problems, with England perhaps dominating the political scene even more than it does now. The ties are too close with the USA, and the move is away from Europe. The Conservatives have promised to call a referendum on EU membership after the election, they are frightened to call it now, because there might be a "No To the EU", vote. So, as you can see the whole thing is wide open.

"It's ooer oil" What is left of it, and see how cheap it has got... Weren't the Scots lucky not to get independence... :-)

The opinions, or rant expressed here, are purely of my own making and have no foundation in fact, truth or reality...:-D
P.S. it is not you who should feel ashamed, you haven't done anything wrong. You or I don't control the government or international events...and you can only do your best by expressing your opinions.

P.P.S. Is the worst thing in this world to get what you want...or is it not to get what you want... :-)

On 13/12/14 14:31, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
Well put Douggie and I agree with you 100% looking at what has been unfolding and what is currently unfolding is, to say the least quite disturbing and i sometimes feel ashamed to call myself British knowing the complicity of my own government in this shabby treatment of people in the name of "national security" or whatever fancy name one wants to dream up to justify unfettered brutality.

and now that the shit is hitting the fan our government is hastily drafting legislation so that they can turn round and say "but look we are allowed to do it here look at such and suck piece of legislation"..

they call is "open government" I call it open arrogance.


*_PRIVACY IS A BASIC RIGHT - NOT A CONCESSION _* https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/11/when-time-comes-we-need-be-ready-fight-tpps-secret-anti-user-agenda

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