[cryptome] Re: Pretty Damning Stuff. Out of the Mouths of the CIA

  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 14:11:12 +0000

well if the US is becoming public enemy number one the UK will not be
far behind.  apparently a bill is going through parliament proposing
that the uk withdraw from the European convention on human rights.
On 13/12/2014 11:38, Александр wrote:
> ​ ​
> Doug says:
> "
> *Is that perhaps why the USA government hasn't signed up to any
> international human rights act...one wonders.  Because there is a chance
> ​ ​
> some of their leaders
> ​ ​
> would be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?
> *So many Americans are complaining about why they are hated so much in
> the world. Perhaps it could be something to do with the way they treat
> other nations, races and religions and cultures?
> A
> ​ ​
> look in their own back yard to see if there is anything dirty there,
> and clean it out?
> *Blacks, people of colour get killed willy-nilly, even kids. The Grand
> Jury sees no case to answer. Racism abounds, sexism rages, yet, those
> very same leading Americans want to teach the rest of the worlds
> citizens lessons on human rights and equality.
> * It is indeed the highest form of hypocrisy, and a great insult to
> the intelligence of most people who inhabit this planet"*
> ____________
> *BRAVO!*
> It is very encouraging to hear such words from an English-speaking
> person. Because as soon as these
> ​ ​
> words (the truth) said by some Russian / Chinese / Arab person, it is
> instantly gets up in a column of "propaganda" or "enemy of the state".
> ​ ​
> *BRAVO for the courage to speak the truth.*


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