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Gijs Graafland is the director of the Amsterdam-based, Dutch Planck
Foundation, which has nothing to do with the German-founded Max Planck
Society (Max Planck Gesellschaft <http://www.mpg.de/institutes>) - named
after world-renouned scientist Prof. Max Planck - and its famous
scientific Max-Planck Institutes (in Europe and on all 5 continents).

It's just another attempt, I believe, of the Dutch men's way to put
boots on the grounds in foreign lands - the results we see in South
Africa where you can smell the usually rotten Boer-farms already miles
away. (they should rehabilitate their rotten farms and hand them back to
the original owners from whom they robbed them with much bloods on their

The Dutch always believe that they can "manage nature" (of course for
multi-billion dollar funding bills they dream up) since the times when
they conquered a few square meters from the North-Sea, and since they
did the dirty work for British owned Royal Dutch Shell, but actually
they are the people on Earth with the worst environmental track record
in the world.

They better should first learn how to manage themselves before they
should be allowed to try to invade again with such scams the desert
fortresses of the last free men and the last undisturbed natural realms.

Many fall for it because it is presented convincingly, but unfortunately
is mostly based on pseudo-science.

Joe Products wrote, On 18/10/2014 21:26:
> I have no idea. The web is hard to read, the books (in pdf) are not
> made for reading, but for internet crawlers... . Not sure. But may be
> he is right... maybe.
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>     intriguing.  has something to do with max(?) Plank maybe?
>     On 18/10/2014 17:11, Joe Products wrote:
>         Not sure who is the guy from Planck Foundation sending me his
>         presentations and pdfs as attachments, but did any of you met
>         him?
>         http://www.planck.org/
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We have nothing to hide, but something to protect: 
- and the people, whose human rights these are.

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