[cryptome] POTUS V North Korea Plus China Plus South Korea

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The problem that the POTUS has got is that there is a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, called the 38th parallel. In the South there are US troops along with South Korean troops, in the North there are North Korean troops plus nuclear weapons and a developing rocket programme. Whereas in the North, the troops and their guns are all facing the South. In the South the guns are all facing the North, though the US guns are flexible in that they can also point towards China, as part of its encirclement and containment programme for China, the ring of steel which protects the USA from from foreign aggressors like the Chinese and the North Koreans, and which makes democracy secure for all of us naive and stupid people in the world who cannot look after ourselves. At the moment the USA hasn't managed to get US bases into Russia so that it can contain the western borders of China as well as the Russians to the East. Now if they could solve that problem or perhaps get the Russians to become enemies of China instead of trading with them, and point their guns at them it would solve a huge problem for America, and Trumpism could turn into Triumphalism and we could all live happily ever after.

If the Chinese were to invade the North, or cut them off, then the border between North and South Korea might disappear and then there would be the opportunity for moving US troops to North Korea and set up military bases there so as to protect American, Korea and the rest of the democratic world for US exploitation, and dominance. It is highly unlikely therefore, that the Chinese are going to do any such thing, so, President Trump is on a hiding to nuffink. Not unless he agrees to withdraw US troops from South Korea and allow the Chinese to put in their own troops, if they have a mind to, so that the peace in the Far East can be guaranteed by the Chinese Armed Forces. But I get the feeling that the Chinese aren't in the slightest bit interested and would much prefer to just get on with expanding trade and building up their economy and their armed forces in the long term, but there you are, who knows anything about foreign policy or encouraging peaceful co-existence these days...



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