[cryptome] Operation Condor:US Involvement in Conspiracy of 4 South American Governments via CIA

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see url: http://bennorton.com/documents-detail-us-complicity-in-operation-condor-terror-campaign/

Not a lot changes over the past few decades or centuries or millennia even...I suppose secrecy is like cryptography, it gets unravelled over the years. it is one of the reasons that the analysis of a lot of historical events has to be based on assumptions made at the time, rather than facts emitted or transmitted by various governments and players...though, if one has enough experience...or perhaps an overwhelming sense of cynicism, one can generally see through the patterns of events which emanate from the various quarters of the global and national establishment and elites in time of crisis. "Who me...would I even dream of doing such a thing, never mind think it..."

Nice to be back. I see that the mailing list has been very quiet. I suppose that life is all a bit boring really and that there is nuffink new to report, we are all wise after the events, and the attempted domination of world as we know it by the US continues continues with limited success. It is such a pity that so many countries, nations and cultural and economic entities are just not prepared to adopt the American way of life as the best and only way of solving their problems, and happen to think that mass extermination, droning, boycotting and creating exclusive trading agreements such as TTIP behind closed doors is the most democratic way of ordering the world.

Now the British people might just decide in their referendum in June to pull out of the EU because of the terror created in the Middle East by the US and various of its allies, including the UK, French and German governments, bringing about mass emigration and the smashing of the Shenghen agreement which allows for non-documentary travel throughout the EU...apart from the UK of course, which tries to keep the immigration exodus at bay within the French borders at Calais.

All doomed to failure of course. Just stop the bombing, stop the droning, stop the special forces, arrange special capital investments to create infrastructure, wealth and peace through cooperation and proper planning and leave the populations of the Middle East to sort out their own problems in their own way might be a better solution...but hey...what Christian led country wants the Moslem religion to have a say in world events? We all know that such Utopian ideas are crap and wouldn't work...they have been tried out already...haven't they...



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