[cryptome] OpUSA - Attacks against U.S. targets

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OpUSA - Attacks against U.S. targets
September 12, 2013 By Tal Pavel
In recent days the Israeli media was abuzz due to the new operation online
attacks against Israel, it was recently announced - OpIsrael named Reborn ,
but at the same time hackers have published their intention to create
online attacks against U.S. targets the same date , September 11.

This attack indoor Tonisaiim hackers group called Tunisian Hackers who
launched Facebook event for the operation was joined less than 1,500 . This
page includes a call to attack on several websites including the U.S. and
the website of the New York Stock Exchange ( later published a video
documenting this attack )

More posted a page that allegedly hacking evidence to Iowa State Bank . The
attack on the U.S. banking system was declared by hackers are already on
August 27, during which they called for an online attack began on 1
September until 10 where every day against another bank specified list, in
preparation for the culmination of the operation which should be value on
September 11 .

Meanwhile, published as part of this leaks which most of us can claim made
by them;
• a list of 3,000 alleged credit card details from U.S.
• A short list of links and information Camcorder access to allegedly
placed in homes and shops in Israel and the U.S.
• Post on Facebook with a referral to download a file containing 50,000
usernames and passwords
• publication of official data from ( address not given ) allegedly
belonging to the municipality of St . Louis .
• The publication of a list which claims to contain access to 65 private
Facebook accounts belonging to U.S. citizens ( many actual email addresses
are from around the world )

All activities alongside fighters " cyber Iz - Qassam Brigades ," which
began in early July fourth phase of " Operation Abavil " against the U.S.
banking system because of the video " innocent Muslims " who contend that
they are still available to view online.

Best regards.

Haim Barak
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