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Another partial answer to BZ.


I have three suggestions regarding your frustrations, unsure if you are
doing the wisest actions.

1.    Visit a computer retailer for the kind of computer you are using, and
ask for a security checkup.  Think of this as taking your laptop or whatever
to a medical doctor, to make sure it has no sickness you don't already know
about, and if it does, get the situation resolved.  It does not matter what
kind of device you use to connect to the Internet, you need to have on it at
least all the same kinds of security protections as a desk top computer.
Some devices need MORE protections, because some have MORE risks.  If you do
Internet banking, there are risks of all your money being stolen, if you do
not have good security, and if anyone you do business with does not have
good security, such as government agencies.  A former acquaintance of mine
went bankrupt, because someone he was doing business with got infected by
one of the banking viruses, and they could not get satisfaction from the
bank.  I have a computer retail store send a technician to my home once a
year for hardware cleaning, and take care of accumulation of minor hassles,
not normally worth calling for help on.  Or when something goes seriously
haywire which I cannot fix myself, I call them in right away.  I consider
such service to be really cheap.  I live in a small community, but there are
several local outfits which do this kind of thing.  Tell the technician what
your concerns are, and take his or her advice.

2.    Visit the kind of place which sells big computers for big business.
If in USA, ask them if they know about any classes in Computer Literacy.  If
in Europe, ask about any education for getting a Computer Driver License.
Many of these places hold seminars regularly, and know about inexpensive
education offered in your area.  Even though you might have got good
computer education years ago, there is rapid evolution in what the risks
are, so it is worth getting updated from time to time.

3.    Do an Internet search for any computer club or association which meets
in your area, and attend some meetings.  They exist all over the USA.  I
don't know about other nations.  I am in one which meets bi-monthly.  Since
people in the group come from companies which are retailers, distributors,
banks, utilities, manufacturers, education, government, every kind of
institution imaginable, our seminars are on topics which have a generic
interest to most any type of industry, but they tend to be a bit technical
to the kind of IBM computer system we have in common.


Al Mac = Alister William Macintyre

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Evansville Jeffersonville Terre-Haute Vincennes etc.


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If you read this:


carefully, it may explain what was Miranda doing in London. It wasn't

about sharing docs, but rather setting up Tail, I would think. Any docs

he had on him were rather there only to misguide.


I am rubish with IT myself and only recenly, due to the necessity, have

started learning all this & have been trying to change the ways I

communicate and although every day I feel I begin to understand it, I

still confuse things with keys, certificates and, if I be am honest am

not sure whether people are recieveing my mail when I manage to encrypt it.


Also, i dunno why, but I assumed that it will be safer if record all

passwords on a paper... There is too many passwords to be able to

remember all of them. How can you handle it?


Personally, I think I need proper help with all this as it starts to

really frustrate me or simly stop using internet as I am not sure

whether I protect myself the right way or whether it works like it

should and wird things began to happen both with my laptop and in my life.


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