[cryptome] Re: Obama vs Merkel

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  • Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 12:52:52 +0100

I think that Angela Merkel didn't (want) to know herself (all the details).
She's smart enough to have gotten the gist a long time ago.  In the
electrospaces article you refer to, she's showing her new Z10 Bb, while the
RS Elcrodat 6-2 M and S have been in deployment for awhile.  I rather think
that with her election victory she makes a start with cleaning up her own
house. It would play out favorably with her electorate. And, whilst, pulling
the strings in the E.U. she and Germany strengthen the European pact. She
simply wants to reroute the arrangements from 1945 and onwards in Europe's
favor. I think she'll pull it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we see a
major U.S. personnel stationed in Germany retreat. And that wouldn't be a
bad idea at all.

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>     Hard to believe the DE spies did not know of spying on Merkel perhaps
>     assisted it as part of their own spying on her, then pretended
>     when "given evidence," then had to pretend to alert her to what she
>     already knew about her and the German spies spying on Obama and other
>     leaders, and Merkel then had to call Obama, who then the two had to
>     pretend ignorance and laughed in complicity, then NSA had to pretend
>     do not spy on Obama as well as quite a bit about working with other
>     doing the same because elected officials are fickle, ambitious, and
>     to be trusted, and then that applies to the citizenry, other spies and
>     angels in the sky with diamonds on their shoes ...
>     An analyis is Merkel's phone-security, pretty much like Obama's and
>     leaders, us and ...
>     <http://electrospaces.blogspot.nl/2013/10/how-secure-is-merkel-
>     phone.html>

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