[cryptome] Re: ODNI Counsel: Governments Want Accessible Crypto from Business

  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 20:36:22 +0000

Having now read Litt's paper...Does he not really mean that ALL governments will find it desirable to be entitled to have access to encrypted information in order to defeat terrorism, rather than "many"? I only ask because of that old adage, "one government's terrorist is another government's liberation fighter", whose organisation gets funded or resourced appropriately by different governments in secrecy. Would it be desirable and nice if we could share intelligence with all the governments in the world, including those who are purported, or are classified as "our" enemies...And wouldn't the practice of that principle defeat the whole idea of having encryption in the first place? Mind you, having such a scheme, might prevent financial institutions and "front" organisations from being able to transfer cash for nefarious purposes, and for the secret though "legal" transfer of arms and such like, though, where it would leave commerce and the financial transactions of ordinary folks, is another question....Can't have it both ways...

Just a thought...:-) .

On 08/02/15 01:42, John Young wrote:
ODNI counsel Robert Litt is "optimistic" cryptographers will devise secure encryption which provides government access, it's "what many governments want."

"One of the many ways in which Snowden's leaks have damaged our national security is by driving a wedge between government and providers and technology companies so that some companies that formerly recognized that protecting our nation was a valuable and important public service they could perform now feel compelled to stand in opposition."


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