[cryptome] North Korean Military Women

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  • Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 12:08:36 +0000

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Now, how could you possibly imagine assassinating such a great leader as this? How could you even contemplate producing a film comedy about assassinating such a person? These women are falling all over him, like he was a member of the Big Dick Club...One can see how much they love him, and how much he revels in their attentions.

Fancy allowing oneself to be photographed in such a compromising position. And there was I thinking that the North Koreans only loved their leader in a Platonic sort of way, purely on an intellectual level...for his knowledge of Marxism, Leninism, Maosm and Stalinism, for his vision of a Communist future, and his finest grasp of the innermost ripples of dialectical materialism.

Our western leaders wouldn't allow such photo opportunities. With us it is more about families and loving children and fomenting meritocracy and opportunity and entrepreneurship, and being the complete father figure of the family, tribe and nation. Unless one is Putin of course...one has to keep fit to fight those American forces...bare chests being obligatory. Then there is Mr. Cameron, winning the world with his suit and collar and tie.

And yet here we have a situation of where these young ladies are holding him, looking into his eyes with great adulation, swinging their legs whilst they march the goose step march and showing off their regimented, or is it regimental knickers...Oooh! I want it, I want it...give me more. And then...there are the stern ole military ladies, keeping the morality of the regime in check, with all their campaign medals won in the great war against the Americans, the Chinese and the South Koreans, the medals personally presented by his father...

How can one defeat a nation like that. Especially a nation which uses a similar symbolism and ritualism for its own armed forces, from the grunts to those who wear uniforms and blacken their skin, to those who sing banal songs as they march along the street to Valhalla?

I think that Bollywood will soon take over from Hollywood, at a fraction of the cost and with films which are more interesting, entertaining, funny, musical, poetical and make one want to go and watch them voluntarily.

They could make a lovely film about Kim il Sung...junior. OooH! Isn't he so handsome, with his little pot belly and his winning smile...:-D


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