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Tx for that url Terry...:-). It just goes to show how a mailing list, if used properly and constructively can get people to put their minds together and produce more than any individual mind can... :-). And, stitching people up, is not quite as easy as some people think. The danger is when the full power, intellectual, financial and other resources of the state is used against the individual, who does not, or is denied access to such resources. This is another problem for civil liberties and human rights. We are denied access to such information, in the name of secrecy or the protection of tradecraft.


Quote from article:
<<<Crucial in court. Recently, Dr Cooper was called as a witness on ENF in court for the first time.

A gang were accused of selling weapons, and undercover police had recorded an arms deal. But the defence claimed that the police had tampered with the recording and had edited together several separate recordings together to make their case.

"Digital forensics is constantly in flux, and the technology is changing every day". Dr Alan Cooper Met Police.

Dr Cooper said: "The defence made the allegations and we were asked if we could authenticate the recordings. We carried out various forms of analysis, including the mains hum frequency analysis and we found some good quality signals, and that the alleged date and times of the recordings matched with the extracted data from the recordings themselves."

The analysis revealed that the recordings had not been tampered with - and this proved crucial to the trial. The trio - Hume Bent, Carlos Moncrieffe and Christopher McKenzie - were found guilty and jailed for a total of 33 years for being involved in the supply of firearms. >>>Snip, end of quote.

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    Forget where I found that one

See e.g., http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-20629671


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