[cryptome] Niggahs: or Ante-Post Modernity & Political Correctness

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It's very strange how a word or phrase which one considers as innocuous, can so incense people that they fight wars or come to blows over them. When I were a lad in my home country of Scotland, the fact that most of the English didn't know how to sound the word loch, or know the difference between the word Scotch and Scots or Scottish, when it was used, particularly by those very special English presenters on the BBC who were chosen for their English clipped diction and Received Pronunciation and English Public School education (a bit like the Harvard of today, but of a much more exclusive and hoi poloi, and of more ancient roots, than traditional Anglo-Saxon America of course), and therefore most Scots were excluded from the job because of their vernacular or accent; or those ill-educated English shopkeepers, who refused our money or those educated English bank tellers who used to try and charge us 10% when we went on holiday in England, to change a Scottish Bank note into English money, when we accepted English pounds in Scotland at no extra cost, was very much a bone of contention, particularly when we had an Act of Union way back in the 18th Century (just like America) which united both countries, but "forgot" to make Scottish pounds legal in the same way as English pounds were.

We, the Scots, men and women, were supposed to be treated equally under the Act of Union, no longer barbarians but equal servants under his/her/Scottish/English majesties. Anglo-Saxons and barbarians were all the same to the Romans of course, whether they lived in England or Scotland, though some of them, through accident of birth or ownership of land or by special merit, grovelling, strategic interest, but mainly grovelling arse crawling and money laundering, were made into honorary Roman Citizens. Funnily enough, it wasn't until we were all forced to join the European Union under a Conservative...or dare I say...a Tory government, that we all became citizens of Europe, as well as servants of her majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Second of England, but the First of Scotland. In those days, everyone went "up" to London, no one went "up" to Edinburgh, most English barely knew the capital of Scotland, thinking it was Glasgow, if they knew anything at all.

Where I came from there were very few members of ethnic minorities, living in our community. We were all immigrants of long standing, living there long before America became the USA; Gaels, Celts, Vikings, Beaker People, with a smattering of Anglo-Saxon and a few others of mixed ethnic genetics and cultures. I was about 7 years old when I saw my first Sikh, a travelling salesman with a turban on his head, a long white beard and a large suitcase in his hand, and who spoke a form of English which I didn't understand, with an accent which verged on a musical composition. (It was a Glasgow accent, I later discovered, he had lived there for most of his life). Absolutely amazed I was, so much so that my jaw dropped when I opened the door, and my mother had to hide me behind her in case I started asking some questions which peaked my curiosity which she considered might be considered embarrassing to the sales man...or is it person....:-).

I was about 5 years old when I went along to the Faith Mission, of which my grandmother was a founder member. It met in a little wooden hut in the poorest part of the village I came from. This organisation was a religious organisation which specialised in bringing a peculiarly Scottish form of Calvanism to the English African colonies, through the use of Faith Missionaries, particularly in the African continent, so civilising them into the English way of life, so that they could be exploited peacefully, and removed from their Pagan Gods to a more civilised way of life, and have truly English imaginations. I vividly remember watching a show from one of those very Missionaries, which involved a revolving wheel with lots of photographs in a time frame, which showed African woman with large naked pendulous breasts, bouncing up and down to some kind of ritual African dance. All agog, I was, never having seen even my mothers breasts (or at least I didn't remember them). The same venture was tried in the Americas I believe, with the Puritan immigrants, but failed miserably, ending in almost the extermination of the American Indian, and the buffallo and ending in Trumpism, and of course the racial and ethnic and class divisions, segregation and what not, which not only still exists in many parts of the USA but has grown amongst the ethnic, racial and religious groupings in the United States of America, the greatest democracy in Christendom.

Such use of language and actions, can be so cultural as well as historical and if we don't know those cultures, we can step right into the shit, with little further aforethought. One of a number of reasons, that might seem petty, that led to the present calls for independence for Scotland, was because many Scots felt that they were being used as cannon fodder, or political fodder or economic fodder or exploited by "Mother" England. I believe that the American colonials organised a successful, illegal armed rebellion and a war with England for economic and political independence over exactly the same kind of thing. It is all part of our cultural and economic heritage I suppose, and one word, such as nigger which is considered as descriptive of a valuable occupation to the host community and used quite commonly as a term of endearment, or comedy or hate amongst themselves, but when used as a description of a form of non-human slavery which was a very valuable occupation to the slave owner, can create such a sense of anger and hatred when used by the slave owner.

Golliwog was the icon on a jar of Robertson's jam, I remember as a child how much I enjoyed the jam, and how interesting I found the little golliwog icon on the side of the jar, as I ate my toast and butter. I never gave it a thought that it was racist, racialist, derogatory and aimed at making those with darker skins or different backgrounds and upbringing as somehow inferior to myself. I did like my Robertsons Raspberry and Strawberry jam. it was only later, that this meaning was given to it, by those, mainly Anglo-Saxons, of American origin who thought it was not politically correct. Whether this was post modernism, or past modernism, or ante-post ancientism...I haven't a clue.

see url: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=golliwog+jam&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiehNPq56jUAhUHLcAKHdusAZMQsAQIJQ&biw=1366&bih=599#imgrc=2LVnojWKQPXLaM:

or url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golliwog

How well I remember one of my favourite children's authors, Enid Blyton, of "Famous Five" fame; being castigated by those American politically correct drunks in various speakeasy's who through boredom and under the influence of alcohol, and/or some other ethnic concoction, such as marijuana or mescaline and other ethnic, local or regional inventions; or even high on CIA home manufactured LSD to fuck up their minds, invented this new movement. The other, darker skinned minorities, just got on with indulging it of course, and enjoying the jazz and the blues, rather than set up some new movement to improve others...if not themselves...and finished up populating America's jails and providing a new form of slave labour.

Such is the way of life, arrogance and colour blindness continue to reign supreme. As Robert Burns says in "To a Louse" "If only we could see ourselves, as other people see us"

C'est la vie.



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