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  • Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2013 12:49:19 -0500

Most NSA employees, like all spy agencies, do not participate
directly in special ops, any more than most military members
do not engage in combat. So they are terribly displeased when
the exposed war carnage breaks the bubble of prestige and
admiration bestowed on the whole clan for recruitment,
pensions, awards and ceremonial burial. NSA had a relatively
clean record, compared to other spies, until the fan was
hit with Snowden.

Snowden learned that working for a spy or military contractor
under guise of ennobling public service is a shock at how
badly hires and ex-officials are treated: produce and fulfill
new contracts damn quickly or get the fuck out. So he got

All the perks of official service are no where to be seen,
and being shit on by bosses is much worse than that of the
non-secretkeepers who can abuse with impunity on behalf
natsec. To earn the dirty-work salaries means to eat their
shit, no valor, no medals, no pride, just shameless profits.

Which is why quite a few go back into official service after
a taste of raw capitalism always rotting. And, not least, why
even more adjust their ethics and morals to fit what the
corporations expect for predator-grade dollars a year.
Thus, millionaire Michael Hayden, who led the privatizing
initiative with a gang of venal directors and is reaping
payola for demonizing Snowden. And so is Alexander
preparing a place in that select TS/SCI Codeword crowd.

Infosec-comsec firms and experts play this duplicity game
exceedingly well, feet in both camps, hands in both pockets,
via dual-use tech and contracts, and it is to be expected that
evidence of that classified duplicity is being withheld by the
Snowden information managers, aided and abetted by those
very experts in lawful business corruption and deception,
protected by secrecy. Clues repeatedly proclaimed
by the press outlets: officials ask, demand, threaten,
don't publish names, addresses, emails, contractors'
names. Kiriakou and Hammond await you.

The sweet smell of success: joining the secretkeeping
crowd for future rewards by way of irresistable offers.

Guess how much will be offered to deliver Snowden and
his unpublished cache (if not Greenwald and Poitras too)
by one or more of his information fences by bribe and
threat? Sabu is ROTFLHAO, wearing a medal for taking
the piss.

Probably the biggest downer for the nobody NSA grunts
is observing the golden rewards of lying to the public. If
that disenchantment goes the right way, there well be
a steady stream of Snowdens delivering their bundles
to publishes, or best, self-publishing and bypassing
the venal MTMs enjoying fucking over sources.

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> ...
> it remains to be seen if they simply jump to private sector who are
> just as bad, or pursue less offensive careers entirely.

by private sector i'm thinking of companies like Statfor more than Amazon...

... Below are a series of articles this past week about
internationally acclaimed activist, Srdja Popovic, and his involvement
with the private intelligence firm Stratfor.

... If anyone has information about CANVAS or Srdja Popovic, please
feel free to contact me at zoealif[at]gmail.com. I am currently
writing a blog post on the story.

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