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  • Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 10:46:00 +0000

Hi coderman...tx for helping me get it right...I much value the feedback.

I understand from the Diane Roark interview and other sources, that the others who were involved in the Thinthread project were given permission to develop it outside of the NSA. The information on it was declassified, then it was reclassified so as to allow the search and seizure warrants to be issued and enforced, then declassified again.

She felt that Thinthread was a good program in that it allowed for the protection of civil rights, such as encrypting private citizens information and had strict controls placed upon it, which helped secure unnecessary private data from US citizens in the US from being made generally available amongst its users. According to her, Trailblazer didn't have those legal restraints or restrictions, due to Bush removing them, under some executive order or another, and it cost a lot more to purchase and use and was very unreliable.

Hayden, ignored, or rejected and certainly dismissed Diane Roarks', reasoning and preferred the all powerful, all information gathering Trailblazer, for his own reasons (megalomaniacal presumably). What I don't know is the fiduciary, commercial, contractual and other business relationships which Hayden (C.I.A. Director or due to take office), had with the software company which made Trailblazer, having never researched it. As you know the relationships between the private sector of the security industry and the state sector are very incestuous.

Also, what Diane Roark wished to expose, and, presumably why she required her private emails, for evidential purposes, was, not only the civil rights and privacy issues, but the huge increase in cost and waste of money which Trailblazer was to bring about...As it overwhelmed its users with irrelevant and insignificant information, which literally had to be dumped, as they had no way to sort and sift it and nowhere to store it at the time. Her emails on her computer, though not classified higher than business confidential, contained the correspondence and the evidence necessary for her to prove her case to the court.

Once again, thank you for your help and the corrections...:-) .


On 25/12/14 01:42, coderman wrote:
On 12/24/14, doug<douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Thinthread grew into Trailblazer which grew into Turbulence, which grew
into part of xkeyscore, which grew into...Edward Snowden....

ThinThread denied in favor of Trailblazer.

Trailblazer deprecated due to unworkable technicalities.

ThinThread and Trailblazer components salved into Turbulence Projects.

Turbulence diversified, including EGOTISTICAL QUANTUM atrocities.

the many Turbulent Hydras dialed up to eleven, few constraints now
fully removed. "<CowboyAlexander> I am the Senate^H^H^H^H^HOversight!"

Total Information Awareness achieved, the last refuge of even the most
skilled whistle-blowers incinerated. every insider monitored for
anomalies; every anonymous attempt identified. "no more Snowdens ever"
their mantra assured and reified.


as Newton wisely observed, "When one government body exerts an
oppressive force on the body public, the public body simultaneously
exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the

yet as per Gibson, this opposing force is not yet widely distributed...

NSA Blowback the best thing to ever happen for individual privacy.

Turbulence indeed!


0. Yes, Alexander is long gone, but his legacy lives on. Rogers a
fitting apprentice...

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