[cryptome] Re: NSA: Turbulence

  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 20:15:13 +0000

Have a nice Christmas, John...and all of our colleagues on here. Here's to you and yours and long may you continue...:-) . I shall use the quiet moments in between the mayhem of childish ecstasy, screechings of pleasure and the harsh crash of unwrapping presents, drinking electric soup and stuffing myself with Christmas Turkey and too much pud, to digest your posting tomorrow...:-D . We will survive...


On 24/12/14 20:02, John Young wrote:
Which grew into a lucrative media exploitation, which grew into huge
increase in cybersecurity funding by govs, corporations and
individuals, with no end in sight.

Tis indeed rapidly becoming a WMD-grade terrifying horse-rider of

Cyber fall-out shelters, cyber bio-chem-rad hazard passwords, and
concomitant planks in election cyber-inebriated campaigns, cyber
protheses for numbed thumb-pecking young textsters, pulpits groaning
with dire 0-days of end-days of critical infrastructure going pear-shaped.

Hacking, the great plague. No hygiene possible, too late, the electromagnetic
climate has changed forever.

Wait, wait, is that cyber-mangered piglet a post-cyber-apocalyptic savior, a
mathematically parthogentic successor to Babbage out of Turing?

Nope, the salamander-porker is Geico.

At 02:30 PM 12/24/2014, you wrote:

Thinthread grew into Trailblazer which grew into Turbulence, which grew into part of xkeyscore, which grew into...Edward Snowden....

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