[cryptome] Re: NSA Patents: A Searchable,... Database of Patents Filed by the National Security Agency

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  • Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2016 11:10:47 +0000

I thought it was a nice piece of lateral thinking meself, to discover such a site and for such a site to be set up. What a novel way of looking at what the NSA is "in" to. Just goes to show, no matter how they try, there are some things which just cannot be kept secret. Finding out and researching those areas often reveals stuff through which "normal" research doesn't reveal itself. Definitely a project for specialist computer geeks with an interest in the privacy of the individual balanced against the needs of the security of the state.

It is well known that patents and inventions which may have national security implications are watched out for by the security services, and if they are considered of any use, disappear under the official secrets act rarely to be heard of again, leaving the poor inventor with nuffink for his/her work. Patents and inventions were supposed to help advance society, in that the benefits of the inventors work could be protected for a number of years, allowing him/her to develop and profit from the work, by being given a market advantage. But, just like most other things in our society, they are turned on their head and used by the establishment in our society for purposes which are not necessarily for the good of the people as a whole, or the development of resources and technology from which we can all benefit.

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Cool site but, BOOO CloudFront!

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