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Dear Colleagues,
All those naughty dictators and Un-American and Un-Western and Un-English wealthy people are having their names and nefarious activities exposed by the worlds greatest democracies...yet our "Big Yins" are strangely quiet when it comes to the really rich people in their own countries who are doing the same thing. Is there a pattern emerging here? Are we getting the same sort of exposure of leaked documents as has been happening in the Snowden case? What's the point of releasing documents if they are not being published? Still, there you are, that's democracy for you. I see that Trump might not win the Republican nomination after all. His policy on abortions might just be too much of a punishment for Republican women.

As you may have noticed I have not been posting a lot lately. It is not because I don't love you, take you to my heart, but because I am rather busy delving into the Brexit question which is becoming much more interesting. I am participating in some good debates amongst those who are strongly for and against. As for me and my views...Well...to be honest...as usual, I am sitting on the fence. I don't have a clue whether it is a good thing or a bad thing whether the UK should leave the EU. All I know is that we got on perfectly well for about 3,000 years before we joined and I dare say that we will get on very well for the next 3000 years...give or take a few wars, massacres, crises, takeovers etc. After all, the UK and the EU is no more a thousand year Reign, than Germany was, way back in 1936.

I hope you are all feeling more safe and secure from the FBI and the NSA, and GCHQ and the Chinese and the Russians with your end to end encryption with Apple and Whatsapp...:-).

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