[cryptome] Mind, Thought & Brain Neuoscience Application in Computing Theory and Information Technology

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 13:30:06 +0000

see url: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=7ea2ad0e075b31c05a011f2d835392a9

An old subject but with new applications developing as discoveries in the psychological and physiological sciences of the brain, nervous and human tool systems of, mind, thought, neural networks and the other human senses intertwine and intermingle with computational theory and information technology, and with the applications of algorithms into machine learning, human decision-making, greater accuracy and speed of human and machine. A mixture of Psychology, Metaphysics and Metadata and the physiological functioning of brain systems, being requested by the IARPA...might come to nuffink, folks, a mere "spike", just like Total Information Awareness did in the earlier part of the century....who knows...

or, in the alternative: The Art & Science of Deception and confusion of the Mind, Brain, and human sensors by using machine learning, and algorithms, mass storage and speed of access, as methods of advancing the human population.
or...Will human beings become superfluous in the distant future...the realms of science fiction or...the future of the universe and the role of human beings...

Now there is a nice 21st century subject to be thinking about and discussing, don't you think...

Now, where was I? Oh! It seems so long ago...what is a thought...and can it be measured...and if it can...How can it be used in computer and information technology, in the development of closer relations between the mind, brain functions and computer applications..and all because of the TARDIS...:-) .

It is happening now folks, one of the areas I am most interested in, is how it affects decisions on the world stock exchanges...Is there such a thing as a successful "black box"?
Watch this space...:-)
Food for thought...eh...:-)

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