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How are you defining you defintions of these differing political theories
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The choice today is neocon/Wilson style hegemony or anarchism. And the natural 
selection of good ideas is increasingly unkind to Fukuyama.

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...and hence the core conflict: are you Hobbesian, Rousseauean or Kantian? 
Nothing rational about it at all. It's always about what you believe.


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> On 7/18/2013 7:59 PM, John Young wrote:
>> ...its greatest enemy is its hyper-paranoia.
>> National security is not about protecting the nation, its aim
>> is to generate fear of its inevitable failure.
> John, perhaps you are too pessimistic. I don't like the panopticon or the 
> surveillance state. But with 7 billion people on the planet and the 
> inglorious history of human nature, parts of the security programs may be 
> needed. I would prefer that people prevent abuses of the National Security 
> state and surveillance, rather than calling for its abolition.
> Constructive criticism is needed and pointed questions must be raised. But in 
> the end, it is not the nature of the State that is our primary concern; it is 
> human nature itself. But both the behavior of both the State and the People 
> give reasons for great concern.

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