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It is worth revisiting the work of the Church Committee, all the abuses they
found.  Compare them to the bad stuff recently found by audits of Fusion
Center reports, illustrating contemporary things being done, which sound
like gross violations of the constitution.


The courts have ruled that the 4th amendment does not apply to our info in
the hands of 3rd parties, like ISP, phone company, other utilities, banks,
doctors, Post Office,[1] etc. nor to content of our cars and persons when on
public highways.  A relative had a car confiscated by the police, because it
had an expired license plate, parked on private property, where it could be
seen from the street.  Anyone entering the nation may be searched by CBP,
ICE, etc. without needing any warrant, probable cause, but they do need to
document suspicion before they strip search someone at the border.  Consumer
electronics like cell phones and laptops can be seized at the border for
examination.  There is now litigation how long the government can keep
before returning, if no charges for any wrong-doing.  Some people are asking
the courts to rule that 6 months or more is an unreasonable time period.
But where in the courts or statutes, do they have authority to extend the
border 100 miles inland?[2]


Bruce Schneier regularly writes on Security topics, and wrote something
earlier this month, which may be of interest to some on Cryptome:

*       We don't know what they all mean, but here are a bunch of NSA code
cret-nsa-surveillance-programs-via-linkedin.shtml> .[3]

*       The Washington Post disclosed the existence of a top-secret NSA
program called NUCLEON, which "intercepts telephone calls and routes the
spoken words" to a data base.[4]

o       CONTRAOCTAVE has to do with infrasonic signaling.

o       DaLAS is the system that stores all the data from seized digital
media, including laptops imaged by US Customs at border crossings. This also
automates making links between persons. Nothing about the operation of the
system itself is classified, just the data.

o       MAINWAY = Call records DB

o       MARINA = Internet records DB

o       NUCLEON = Voice data DB

o       PINWALE = Video data DB

o       There is an FOI request for info about these names on MuckRock.[5]

*       NSA's Project SHAMROCK targeted telegrams in the 1970's, which was
illegal at that time.[6]

This evening I have been watching, on C-Span, the Judiciary committee having
another hearing on what Snowden leaked.  Apparently the actual hearing was
earlier today July-17.  In addition to the billions of phone calls metadata
collected every day, in the Q+A, the politicians shared an interesting list
of stuff that our government has the ability to capture, and may legally
capture, subject only to FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court)

*        Track our snail mail . incidentally that IS going on, but did not
come up in the hearing.

*        Track e-mail . incidentally there WAS a program to do with e-mail
meta-data like what was done with phone calls, but that has been stopped
(temporarily?) . it did not use 702 or 215 authority, but Pen Trace under

*        Web site activity

*        Chat

*        Real Time stuff

*        Cell phone activity

*        GPS devices in people's phones, cars, etc

*        License plate recording

*        ATM video of customers using ATM, and any other persons in the

*        Our use of credit and debit cards

*        Our other financial activities

*        CCTV

*        Our tax returns

*        Our medical records

*        Records from Hotels we stayed at

*        Records of our travels via airline, railroad, bus, any place there
was a record either of our name or face


Of the 11 FISC judges, 10 of them were originally appointed by Republican

All the surveillance stuff which President Obama is being criticized about,
was started under Bush or earlier, however drone activity has dramatically
increased since Bush.


Expectation of privacy does not exist if you are on private property and

*        Other people are there, who see you;

*        A helicopter flies overhead, and sees you.


Incidentally, there have been zero cases of anyone intentionally abusing the
data collected by NSA.  What Snowden did does not constitute abuse, as
defined by NSA . semantics?  How many other people have the same kind of
access and clearance as Snowden had?  This question has been asked in
several hearings, with answers ranging from hundreds, to approx 1,000.


Earlier today, on another list, someone asked, and I checked out, 

*        DAC = Domain Awareness Center, developed by Microsoft and NYPD

*        Oakland California is also getting a DAC

*        SAIC won the contract to implement it.  SAIC sounds like a horrible
organization, based on what I found out about them on the Internet.


Basically DAC is a system to interlink all of this surveillance data, and
government data, which can be gathered on people.  They can look up almost
anything on anyone, without needing any approval from a judge.


Alister William Macintyre

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      Since I just stopped lurking in another thread, I figured I

may as well start another discussion.


Now, I've only been on this list for a little while, but I've been

following Cryptome for quite some time.  John even stopped by my blog

(it's on adversary.org if anyone cares) when I posted about leaks and

spooks a couple of years ago.  Anyway, I'm not posting to shill for my

poorly updated blog, I'm posting to remind people about something

Cryptome published 13 years ago which might be worth revisiting in

light of recent events:




This is a very good example of why having an archive like Cryptome

around is such a good thing.  I remembered enough of the salient

details about the "NSA_KEY" to find that fairly quickly.  No doubt

there will be other things that may have slipped by, perhaps from the

ECHELON investigations in the '90s, that may be worth revisiting.







[1] Common Carrier appears to be dead.

[2] http://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights-constitution-free-zone-map 

[3] https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2013/07/more_nsa_codena.html 


NSA resume rules: www.nsa.gov/public_info/_files/resumeDosDonts.pdf 

[4] As disclosed by the Washington Post (cf. 3rd slide from top at
ments/%29:>  Link broken.


[6] https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2013/07/the_nsas_projec.html 



[7] This because in addition to the usual process of Legislation (with help
from lobbyists and campaign contributors) passed & signed into law by
President (adjusted by signing statements), then maybe challenged by the US
Supreme Court (but only via people who have standing), we also have a secret
court, with secret rewriting of what the laws are, and a secret court of
review, where no one has standing to question those rulings, and everyone in
the know is legally compelled to keep silent..

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