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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2017 23:42:26 +0000

OH and in the near future no more kinder surprises for the britishkiddies???

On 25/01/2017 22:31, doug (Redacted sender douglasrankine2001 for DMARC) wrote:

see url: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-2nd-circuit/1742012.html

A small victory for privacy...

I dare say that the U.S. Intelligence services and law enforcement will have to rely on a lot more covert international co-operation between them and the rest of 5 eyes. But at least it will be unlawful in the USA for them to do so. The rest of the word are not American Citizens and therefore have no rights in US law, we must become democratic and adopt the status of a new State of the Union.

In practice it won't make a lot of difference, now that the UK and the US are to give prominence to our "special relationship" to which only the UK refers.

I am looking forward to digesting hormone full beef, chlorinated chicken and genetically modified foods, as well as more failed rocket tests now that we, the UK, are to become more closely associated and integrated in trade and trading standards with the USA. I was listening to a Trump spokesman today from the independent Heritage Foundation who was saying that such foods and products had been scientifically proven for safe consumption for US citizens for many years now...and there is no reason which such products can be placed upon the dinner table of the average Englishmen and women...not forgetting the Scots, English and Welsh of course....:-). I have no doubt he is right, but it is the effect on the environment which is in dispute, as well as the taste...:-(



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