[cryptome] Mao's Little Red Book: Labour Opposition Chancellor throws it across the table

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  • Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 00:40:10 +0000

Dear Colleagues,
Oh! How I remember it well...Mao's Little Red Book. Published when the Peace in Vietnam movement was reaching its height in the late 1960's early 1970s. Demonstration after demonstration in London, outside the American Embassy, causing mayhem, breaking windows, demonstrators threatening to overwhelm US soldiers who were threatening to shoot demonstrators invading their sacred ground. Police strategies of containment fucked due to the massive size of the demonstrations. Harold Wilson, Labour Prime Minister, good old socialist intellectual, supplying secret logistic and military support to the South Vietnam fascist government via our cousins across the water, and with CND and the various Peace in Vietnam movements involved in stopping it all. Women in Black, via American Mr. Spock of child behavioural fame rather than Star Treck, rolling marbles and bools, under the feet of Metropolitan Police Horses, causing them to fall over and get seriously injured. I was there, so was me missus. No Animal Rights movement then....:-).. All in the name of killing Vietnamese women and children because they were harbouring the Vietcong...(today's equivalent of Muslim Terrorists except they didn't get messages from Allah, but from Ho Chi Min). :-). Ignore a Vietnamese woman and child at your peril, because they might be working in the rice paddy but they were perfectly capable of machine gunning you with a Kalashinikov as you passed by. Tunnels built under US Bases harbouring whole communities of Vietnamese involved in the war of attrition against the US. How does one bomb an American air base to bits...the colllateral damage would be far too much...Schools and hospitals used as cover for the Vietcong, as the terrorists were called at the time...Nuffink changes...

When, all of a sudden, along comes the Maoist faction (remember, I was a good young communist at the time, knew my factions, see good soldier shwieck)

see url:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Good_Soldier_%C5%A0vejk ),

shouting slogans in complete unison, about the wonderful Red Gaurds and quoting romantic stuff about flowers and such like, from the "Little Red Book". Being a curious kind of person, of course I was intrigued with this new political phenomenon. As a hardened member of the demonstration faculty of the amateur opposition, for which I received enormous sums of Soviet gold...according to the Conservative Party at the time, I was most interested. (Oh! How I dreamed of how I would spend all that Soviet gold in the land of rent-a-mob...never got a fucking penny....promises, promises, promisses, typical political crap). They turned up at demonstrations in London, about 600 of them on occasion, and, how disciplined they were, with their Maoist caps and coolie garb and holding up a copy of the little red book, shouting the appropriate slogans). One cannot have a decent demonstration without carefully thought out slogans.

Meanwhile, in China, the Red Gaurds were forcing the old establisment of professors and academics out of their ivory towers and on to the fields to mix with the peasants and gather in the harvest,without the money. Communist equality of opportunity knew no bounds in Mao's World, tanks on Tianamen Square...forget it. Removing the academics had its consequencies of course. Life became simple, peasant oriented. The land and its explotation was all important, none of this chemical Monsanto shit.

Campaigns such as,... Birds eat the wheat and other grains sown... so a campaign was launched by the Communist Party, to eradicate birds...all the peasants in the countryside went about massacring the birds...It worked...for the first year...but then came a plethora of insects...Shit!!! Now, the insects gobbled up the harvest. Decentralisation was another ploy. We must move the casting of iron and metal into the countryside, so that the peasants...and the peasants were very important under Mao.., after all, they put him into power and, through the Long March, they destroyed Chian Ki Shek as leader of the Chinese, and freed the peasants from slavery and the control of the bourgeousis...and American interference...no mean feat.
see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiang_Kai-shek

By the way, the Long March was a great achievement, and caused a lot of deaths and suffering, but took the Chinese out of one form of slavery into another, and progress always comes at a cost. Where would the Chinese be today if it wasn't for Ma Tse Dung... A real pain in the US's butt. Nowadays, they have a middle class, which is greater than the population of the United Kingdom.
see url:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_March

And, of course,due to the wonders of the internet...Mao's Little Red Book can be accessed at url:

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