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For those of you who want to learn to demonstrate nicely, properly and efficiently and change the world...see url:


where there is a complete and comprehensive training programme which you can download here on url:

There is even sections on philosophy, psychology, how to talk nicely to police and what to do if one is...inadvertenly...I am sure detained and arrested. Know your rights.

Forgive the cynicism, but I never realised that I have entered a world where everyone is a gentleman...and a gentlelady, where politics is about social decorum and that the wealth of the world will be shared equally in true communist manner. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"...As Karl Marx once said.

All those nice kind policemen who don't beat up on blacks, demonstrators and never use their sprays, cudgels, guns and grenades...and call the people sir and treat them with the greatest of respect, and never invade their person illegally or their property...Brave New World, right enough.

I must revise my views about the Heritage Foundation and all the other world think tanks...

Onward Christian Soldiers...

I really must catch up with these new movements, or even better, study the building regulations so that I lose my fear of the Building inspector.

On 03/10/14 10:51, doug wrote:

Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!

The perfect demonstration and the perfect demonstrators...eh! Looked very middle class to me too! A nice utopian urban, local, city demonstration. Why...its proceedings are even covered by a manual, by a set of rules all based on the mistakes and lessons learnt from organising previous demonstrations... What's it called, "Social Revolution in a Day", "How to win what you want at a demonstration...in less than a week...without any cost". And this is why it makes the situation so dangerous, for all involved.

There's a couple of old sayings, one taught to me by an old trade unionist who said, "When you say no to the boss, you break your contract". The second one was told to me by a political lawyer..."When the social contract with the state gets broken, all hell breaks loose". One was an old communist, the other was an old conservative. Both extremes are saying the same thing, when you challenge the boss, you are in deep shit. At the end of the day you have to go back to work and in order to go back to work, you have to say yes to something, and if you win, you improve your personal position...until the next time...or your power base weakens and someone elses' strengthens; and if you lose...tough shit, you are out, marginalised, set aside, or at worst redacted. An old Irish Labourer brought me down with the following quote, when I once waxed too lyrical on revolution. "At the end of the day the grave digger still has to dig the graves, no matter who hands out the orders".

Methinks that there are a lot of people out there who have never been on a demonstration, or on strike or organised a union or organised any kind of civil protest, be it legal or not...or had a policemen knocking on their door threatening them with conspiracy charges...But I would be pleased to be proved wrong.

What you are seeing is the public face of the demonstration and the demonstrators...what you are not being presented with is the unseen forces which lie behind the demonstration. Remember 9/10s of the iceberg lies underneath the surface. There are all sorts of goings on...going on. The media, ah the media, egging them on, showing us all the jewels of western democracy, it is better over here, come to the promised land. We are rich, we practice political and religious freedom. No message about the strategic agenda of China trying to extend its territory into the oil rich sea, using tactics other than war, no prominence of the confrontation as the American's exercise their God given right, otherwise known as the Law of the Sea, by sending their nuclear warships close to the Chinese borders. The Cuban crisis is long forgotten.

People and organisations with agendas, some the same, some completely different, some which will reveal themselves at a later stage, if they judge the timing right. Deception on the grand scale is being practiced, not on both sides...it isn't about two sides, the people v the state, it is about an attempt at a realignment of forces, not only locally but internationally, which involves not only the people or the states of Hong Kong or China, but includes the leading players on the world stage. Ask yourself the question, where is the money...who will be the ones to gain, if Hong Kong can be managed to split off from mainland China?

You know, if you have the time and inclination, you can read about all this stuff on John Young's Cryptome, no where else have I found a resource like that, well worth its weight in gold. The time it saves, for one thing.

Back to digging out and reconstructing the foundations for my conservatory again. I never thought I would have to do that again at my age. Buildings to be more secure have a lot of regulations to comply with these days, a lot more care needs to be taken in their construction, the right depth, the right measurements, the right mix and depth of concrete, the right footings...and then there is the buildings inspector....Oooooh! I am frightened of the buildings inspector.

Take a look at all those "velvet" revolutions which occured in the last few years. What did Putin say about the Ukraine, the USA treats the world like a laboratory, for trying out the nudge.

On 03/10/14 07:42, Todd Judge wrote:
Yes. They know civility. Unlike the fake clueless hippies and their vast causes they bring to dilute some statement.

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