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  • Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 12:04:32 +0100

Hi Ryan,

The trouble is, that I find it difficult to put a name to it...whatever "it" is...When I was young politics was simple, you were either a capitalist or a communist or an inbetweener. Everything and everyone was politically categorised. Fascism was ultra right wing, Conservatism was right wing, Liberalism was middle of the road, Socialism was left wing, Communism was ultra left wing...and then there was all sorts of extremism to the right or left of all of that. Economically, if you were a free trader, a survivor and believed in no welfare and paying for health etc., you were a capitalist, if you believed in free comprehensive education, welfare benefits, and people depending on one another you were a Socialist and free loader and an extremist. The colours of the political parties went from deep blue to wishy washy pink to blood red. Nowadays, whether one is right or left it don't seem to make a lot of difference.

A common phrase in my time was "prospective parliamentarians talk left and when elected vote right", and the higher up in the political heirarchy one goes, the more fascist one seems to get. The quest for power becomes absolute, politically, economically, socially, globally, and it doesn't matter whether one was left or right, or communist or socialist when one was younger and without any power. In the end, the only difference I could see between Soviet Communism and Western Capitalism was the colour of the carpets and the idols who were worshipped standing in the foyer, and the flags and language on the missiles they had pointing at one another. Nowadays, we are expected to support the lesser of two or more fascistic governments with arms, money and intelligence, all in the cause of democracy...The UK government proposed giving the ISIL liberation and freedom movement £800 million to fight Syria and bring down the fascist regime there a year or so ago, until common sense prevailed in parliament. Yet they couldn't afford to give their own population more than a £100 million to pay for the flooding and loss of property earlier on this year.

There is a personal element too, in my view...no matter what ones' politics or personal philosophies are; when one gets tired or stressed, it can bring out the "fascist" in one, one loses patience, when one gets needled, or ones' ego is under threat, one gets frustrated, the temptation to fascist behaviour is there, insult, throwing bricks, belittle, undermine etc.. When one is happy and everything is going well in ones' world, it brings out ones communist temperament...It's like the effects of having a couple of good malt Scotch whiskies at a Burns Supper...and before the hangover kicks in the following morning.

Personally, most of the time I am an agnostic liberal...These days, what, with my age and the state of the world, perhaps I have turned into an old grumpy...perhaps there is no perhaps about it...;-)

On 23/08/14 21:59, Ryan Carboni wrote:
It's communism. Except instead of worshiping some ideal system of relations, they celebrate a cruel and vicious god. Question of the day: can these people outdo the communists? Can they outdo Rwanda? Can they do it?

On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 12:45 PM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Dear Colleagues,
    I am not a supporter of any state, or political system, or any
    religion and as close to being a pacifist as one can be without
    being one.  I don't support terrorism either, whether it be by a
    so called liberation or revolutionary organisation, or by a nation
    state.  Having said that, and after reading the confidential
    Israeli Project Report of 2009, available on Cryptom*e.
    * see url:

<http://cryptome.org/2014/07/il-global-language-dictionary.pdf>  *

    I did some research on Hamas and where they came from and what
    they believe in and what actions they have taken since coming to
    power in Gaza.  Their history is that they developed out of the
    Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, many, many decades ago.  The same
    group which was recently deposed from power in a military coup
    organised by the Egyptian armed forces, after their elected leader
    was arrested for advocating and organising violent methods to
spread the cause of the Brotherhood, whilst state President. Hamas advocated a policy in the past which they have yet to
    revoke, which says that Jews are the lowest scum on the  planet
    and to be removed from their lands and that Israel should not be
    recognised as a state.  You can look it up on the web if you don't
    believe me...

     see url:

      And, I have to say that I am not surprised that Israel are
    calling up their reservists and preparing to attack Gaza again, if
    not occupy it.  They have already resumed returning fire after
    Hamas fired rockets at them killing a 4 year old boy.  I don't
    know what one does to stop these rockets being fired on the
    civilian population of Israel willy nilly and I don't know what I
    would do if someone tried to take my home away from me with no
    legal redress for me to get it returned.  I do know how I would
    feel being told that I had to get out of my house or area because
    it is going to be targetted by bombs and rockets though...full of
    resentment, and I dare say, hatred towards the perpetrators; to
    say the least.  Hitler thought that he could get the British
    people to submit to him by attempting to bomb London and other
    major cities out of existence. He thought that they would blame
    and turn on Churchill...didn't work of course...doesn't work like
    that. Hitler wasn't the first to think that...and he obviously
    isn't the last.  The USA tried it in Vietnam.

    The Middle East is becoming a right old mess, with masses of
    people being murdered, raped, abused, tortured, captured,
    enslaved, made homeless and countryless.   The "western" powers
    have really helped screw things up too, and have to take their
    share of the blame.  Now they don't know what to do, except a bit
    more bombing and violence, and supplying arms, logistics and
    intelligence to people who were once enemies and now being
    considered as friends...or the lessers of two evils...or the evils
    of two lessers.   They are sending in some humanitarian aid,
    peanuts of course, compared to the massive expenditure on war
    materials over the last 15 years.  As Christian countries we don't
    want to welcome even Christian refugees from the Middle East to
    our countries, even though our Christian governments are a large
    part of the problem.

     I don't understand why cutting off someone's head whilst they are
    handcuffed and still alive, filming it, putting it on youtube and
    boasting about what a great achievement it is, and saying how
    brave and revolutionary they are; or how such an act will get me
    to support Islam, or Moslem philosophy, or how it is supposed to
    make me either fear them, or make me fall in love with their
    religion and adopt their belief systems either.  To think that
    some of these extremists were educated and lived in the UK for
    most of their lives, they didn't starve, they have decent
    homes...there may have been discrimination at some point in their
    lives, but surely the UK wasn't that bad. There is some kind of
    sick and faulty logic there.  I know that there are some nasty
    practices and theories described in the Christian Bible and know
    about the Crusades of early Christianity, and I assume that there
    must be similar descriptions in the Koran.  Those books are not
    the only sources of inspiration or ideas or imagination in the
    world, and never have been.

    I don't understand why, either, those rich Arab States such as
    Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Iran are not sending lots of
    humanitarian aid to Gaza and encouraging peace, helping it to
    rebuild instead of supporting the likes of Hamas, whilst doing
    little or nothing to help the citizens of Palestine. Arabs have
    lived in the Middle East since time immemorium, for at least 3000
    years.  The Jewish religion has been around for 2500 years and the
    Christian religion for 2000 years and the Muslim religion for 1600
    years. There have been many mass migrations into and out of the
    Middle East in that time.  Is it a struggle for dominance, for
    ownership of land and resources between Muslim and Jew, is it
    religion, is it beliefs and if so, is this really the best, or the
    only way to go about it. Huge sums are being spent on armaments
    for the region which are then supplied by the U.S. and the U.K.
    and other European countries, to various countries, such as Egypt
    and Israel, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whilst huge amounts are
    spent by the Russians and the Chinese on the likes of Iran.  The
    terrorists appear to get supplied by everyone, one way or another.

     I am old enough to remember the IRA and Protestant terrorist
organisations in Northern Ireland using bombings, kidnappings, kneecapping, torture and other forms of violence to punish or keep
    certain dissenting sections of the population in check,
    self-policing they called it, showing their might and strength.
    They also raised money from businesses by using protection rackets
    of various kinds, as well as fund-raising from gullible people and
    states abroad.  The money was used to buy arms from the likes of
    Libya and through back doors from some of the main arms
    manufacturers.  And I remember too, the bombings in London, I was
    living and studying there at the time.  Though the explosions were
    frightening, they didn't change my mind or stop me from carrying
    on as I have always done.  In fact they made me more determined,
    that the peaceful protest is and always will be the best way to
    progress and move society forward.  Eventually, the IRA and the
    Protestant groups screwed the nut, realised that they were on a
    hiding to nothing and negotiated a ceasefire and eventually, a
    peace agreement and destroyed their weapons and adopted the
    political route.  People are now a lot better off, alive and
    kicking, even though the economy has slowed down a lot.

      It is no use, it seems to me to allow Gaza to have a free right
    to import what it likes, when even the cement given by the
    Israelis for building and rebuilding homes and other facilities is
    used to build tunnels, where the terrorists can move banned goods
    such as armaments and hide and launch attacks on Israel, yet the
    ordinary people cannot get access to them for protection from the
    bombings by Israel.  Elected or not, Hamas is a terrorist
    organisation, in my mind, and being elected does not mean that
    terrorist methods should be used to subdue the population, or to
    attack another state just because they are different and don't
    want to recognise their existence.

     The Vietnamese used tunnels to protect their populations and
    industries when they were fighting against a foreign state
    occupying their land and which was attempting to take it over
    permanently, for the reason of killing off the communists and
    proving the "Domino Theory".  In fact there were tunnels under Da
    Nang Air Base with quite a sizable community producing goods to
    help their war effort, unsuspected by the USA.  Wouldn't happen
    nowadays, of course, such projects are well known around the
    world, the element of surprise has gone, and all  sorts of
    technology can be used to find out where the tunnels are, and
    attacks have to come from somewhere.  In Gaza there are tunnels
    which not only bring in goods which break the blockade, but
    penetrate into Israeli territory, where attacks are made on the
    civilian population.

    It's a crazy ole world right enough...

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