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It's communism. Except instead of worshiping some ideal system of
relations, they celebrate a cruel and vicious god.
Question of the day: can these people outdo the communists? Can they outdo
Rwanda? Can they do it?

On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 12:45 PM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>  Dear Colleagues,
> I am not a supporter of any state, or political system, or any religion
> and as close to being a pacifist as one can be without being one.  I don't
> support terrorism either, whether it be by a so called liberation or
> revolutionary organisation, or by a nation state.  Having said that, and
> after reading the confidential Israeli Project Report of 2009, available on
> Cryptom
> *e. * see url:
> *2014-1040.pdf 
> <http://cryptome.org/2014/07/il-global-language-dictionary.pdf> *
> I did some research on Hamas and where they came from and what they
> believe in and what actions they have taken since coming to power in Gaza.
> Their history is that they developed out of the Muslim Brotherhood in
> Egypt, many, many decades ago.  The same group which was recently deposed
> from power in a military coup organised by the Egyptian armed forces, after
> their elected leader was arrested for advocating and organising violent
> methods to spread the cause of the Brotherhood, whilst state President.
> Hamas advocated a policy in the past which they have yet to revoke, which
> says that Jews are the lowest scum on the  planet and to be removed from
> their lands and that Israel should not be recognised as a state.  You can
> look it up on the web if you don't believe me...
>  see url:
>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas_Covenant
>   And, I have to say that I am not surprised that Israel are calling up
> their reservists and preparing to attack Gaza again, if not occupy it.
> They have already resumed returning fire after Hamas fired rockets at them
> killing a 4 year old boy.  I don't know what one does to stop these rockets
> being fired on the civilian population of Israel willy nilly and I don't
> know what I would do if someone tried to take my home away from me with no
> legal redress for me to get it returned.  I do know how I would feel being
> told that I had to get out of my house or area because it is going to be
> targetted by bombs and rockets though...full of resentment, and I dare say,
> hatred towards the perpetrators; to say the least.  Hitler thought that he
> could get the British people to submit to him by attempting to bomb London
> and other major cities out of existence. He thought that they would blame
> and turn on Churchill...didn't work of course...doesn't work like that.
> Hitler wasn't the first to think that...and he obviously isn't the last.
> The USA tried it in Vietnam.
> The Middle East is becoming a right old mess, with masses of people being
> murdered, raped, abused, tortured, captured, enslaved, made homeless and
> countryless.   The "western" powers have really helped screw things up too,
> and have to take their share of the blame.  Now they don't know what to do,
> except a bit more bombing and violence, and supplying arms, logistics and
> intelligence to people who were once enemies and now being considered as
> friends...or the lessers of two evils...or the evils of two lessers.   They
> are sending in some humanitarian aid, peanuts of course, compared to the
> massive expenditure on war materials over the last 15 years.  As Christian
> countries we don't want to welcome even Christian refugees from the Middle
> East to our countries, even though our Christian governments are a large
> part of the problem.
>  I don't understand why cutting off someone's head whilst they are
> handcuffed and still alive, filming it, putting it on youtube and boasting
> about what a great achievement it is, and saying how brave and
> revolutionary they are; or how such an act will get me to support Islam, or
> Moslem philosophy, or how it is supposed to make me either fear them, or
> make me fall in love with their religion and adopt their belief systems
> either.  To think that some of these extremists were educated and lived in
> the UK for most of their lives, they didn't starve, they have decent
> homes...there may have been discrimination at some point in their lives,
> but surely the UK wasn't that bad. There is some kind of sick and faulty
> logic there.  I know that there are some nasty practices and theories
> described in the Christian Bible and know about the Crusades of early
> Christianity, and I assume that there must be similar descriptions in the
> Koran.  Those books are not the only sources of inspiration or ideas or
> imagination in the world, and never have been.
> I don't understand why, either, those rich Arab States such as Qatar and
> Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Iran are not sending lots of humanitarian aid to
> Gaza and encouraging peace, helping it to rebuild instead of supporting the
> likes of Hamas, whilst doing little or nothing to help the citizens of
> Palestine. Arabs have lived in the Middle East since time immemorium, for
> at least 3000 years.  The Jewish religion has been around for 2500 years
> and the Christian religion for 2000 years and the Muslim religion for 1600
> years. There have been many mass migrations into and out of the Middle East
> in that time.  Is it a struggle for dominance, for ownership of land and
> resources between Muslim and Jew, is it religion, is it beliefs and if so,
> is this really the best, or the only way to go about it.  Huge sums are
> being spent on armaments for the region which are then supplied by the U.S.
> and the U.K. and other European countries, to various countries, such as
> Egypt and Israel, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whilst huge amounts are spent
> by the Russians and the Chinese on the likes of Iran.  The terrorists
> appear to get supplied by everyone, one way or another.
>  I am old enough to remember the IRA and Protestant terrorist
> organisations in Northern Ireland using bombings, kidnappings,
> kneecapping, torture and other forms of violence to punish or keep certain
> dissenting sections of the population in check, self-policing they called
> it, showing their might and strength. They also raised money from
> businesses by using protection rackets of various kinds, as well as
> fund-raising from gullible people and states abroad.  The money was used to
> buy arms from the likes of Libya and through back doors from some of the
> main arms manufacturers.  And I remember too, the bombings in London, I was
> living and studying there at the time.  Though the explosions were
> frightening, they didn't change my mind or stop me from carrying on as I
> have always done.  In fact they made me more determined, that the peaceful
> protest is and always will be the best way to progress and move society
> forward.  Eventually, the IRA and the Protestant groups screwed the nut,
> realised that they were on a hiding to nothing and negotiated a ceasefire
> and eventually, a peace agreement and destroyed their weapons and adopted
> the political route.  People are now a lot better off, alive and kicking,
> even though the economy has slowed down a lot.
>   It is no use, it seems to me to allow Gaza to have a free right to
> import what it likes, when even the cement given by the Israelis for
> building and rebuilding homes and other facilities is used to build
> tunnels, where the terrorists can move banned goods such as armaments and
> hide and launch attacks on Israel, yet the ordinary people cannot get
> access to them for protection from the bombings by Israel.  Elected or not,
> Hamas is a terrorist organisation, in my mind, and being elected does not
> mean that terrorist methods should be used to subdue the population, or to
> attack another state just because they are different and don't want to
> recognise their existence.
>  The Vietnamese used tunnels to protect their populations and industries
> when they were fighting against a foreign state occupying their land and
> which was attempting to take it over permanently, for the reason of killing
> off the communists and proving the "Domino Theory".  In fact there were
> tunnels under Da Nang Air Base with quite a sizable community producing
> goods to help their war effort, unsuspected by the USA.  Wouldn't happen
> nowadays, of course, such projects are well known around the world, the
> element of surprise has gone, and all  sorts of technology can be used to
> find out where the tunnels are, and attacks have to come from somewhere.
> In Gaza there are tunnels which not only bring in goods which break the
> blockade, but penetrate into Israeli territory, where attacks are made on
> the civilian population.
> It's a crazy ole world right enough...
> Dougie.

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