[cryptome] London: Grenfell Tower Fire

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see url: http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-politics-40318318/chancellor-philip-hammond-says-grenfell-cladding-was-banned-in-uk

According to the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, the plastic cladding on the above tower was banned from use in the UK. The Chief Executive Officer of the contractor who supplied and fitted the cladding says that he supplied the cladding according to the specification given to him by the other party(s) to the contract.

Interesting to note that every time Capitalist enterprises and politicians raise deregulation as a means of increasing efficiency and productivity in the economy, whether it be in the banking and financial centres, or in the building and fire prevention and health and safety in the factories and the environment, a disaster occurs not long afterwards. Also interesting to note that the leader of the Residents association in Kensington was threatened with legal action if he didn't drop complaints about the fire hazards and other safety issues in the tower blocks. The UK appears to be just as bad as the City of New York for not enforcing, or cutting back on fire inspections and taking control away from the local planning authorities and the Health and Safety Inspectorate, cutting staff, inspectors and inspections and leaving it all up to the private sector and the industry to look after the safety of buildings. This is all done in the name of cutting back civil servants and saving money and cutting costs so that building and finance can become more profitable and therefore the people as a whole will benefit. Of course the only people who don't benefit are the vast majority who live in these places and get burnt to death.

More people are killed through this kind of financial, economic and political terrorism of the powers that be, than through the combined forces of Islamic or other extremists and terrorists, but the perpetrators very rarely get prosecuted even when intention or recklessness as to outcomes of non-inspections and uses of illegal materials, practices or non-installation of things like sprinkler systems, fire escapes and other fire prevention schemes, are obvious.



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