[cryptome] Listen: Do you want to know a Secret?

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see url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqf7FYfuqDc

see url: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/25/uk_to_push_antiencryption_laws_after_election/



Due to the high degree of sophistication and use of the world's best encryption and security methods used by the terrorists in the recent bombing in Manchester!!!!!?????, the soon to be elected UK government will pledge to bring an end to end to end encryption in emails and multiple back doors will be placed on all ISP.s so that end to end encryption will be breakable. This is so that such bombings or terrorists acts will never be known again, because the security and intelligence services will know all about them. In the event of this procedure not working, then the law can already be used to force consumers to reveal their passwords, and if they don't, because they can't remember, fine them, or put them in jail for a while, or until such time as they do.

Coupled with US ISP.s now able to sell or give away all of the private information and data they hold on their customers and their families and associates and colleagues, and working with various government organisations, this will mean that sales and promotions and targeting by US world wide corporations will now be able to mount world wide sales campaigns, knowing that their customers and those of every other world ISP will appreciate the targeted advertising whenever they go on the web. What a jolly good business plan, a nice easy way to steal the data of foreign companies and use it for their own purposes. And the UK ISP.s or any other of the ISP.s in the world haven't said a word about it...My goodness, aren't they in for a shock!

This pledge to put in backdoors is NOT in any of the manifestos of the political parties, for some reason.

President Trump, whilst holding Mrs. May's hand thinks it is a terrible thing, all this bombing by a bunch of losers and has promised to thoroughly investigate all the leaks in the 5 Eye's system to discover who leaked all that information. In the meantime, the US and UK through 5 Eyes are not talking to one another about it. Funny how a foreign government gets to know a UK governments secrets before the citizens of the UK do. That's world wide democracy folks...look forward to getting much more.

It is interesting to note that if it hadn't been for those very same US leaks the British people would not have known the name or much other information about the terrorist who perpetrated the crime and his connection to Libya and Syria and the fact that he was already known to the security services...

Things can only get worse...



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