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Hi Cliff,

see url: https://core.ac.uk/download/files/136/1352219.pdf

As you know...I am not Jewish, and I don't consider myself to be anti-Semite. There are Jews who are members of my family, with whom I am in regular contact, and who are always coming and going to Israel. As you also know, I was in the Communist Party of Great Britain for a number of years, in the late 1960's and early 70s. During that time, I met up with some of the leading Jewish thinkers who were members at the time. Andrew Rothstein, being one James Klugmann being another, Bert Ramelson (not his real name), a third. I attended lectures at the Marx Memorial Library for a number of years, mainly on a Friday evening and met up with a number of leading Marxist and communist thinkers who were Jews and some of them I got to know quite well, and their views even better. There were a number of others, but with time passing I have forgotten their names; I also met up with a number of "ordinary" Jews...if there is such a thing, i.e. Jews who held no position in the Party, but were either working class or worked for themselves. In fact, I can honestly say that a lot of my early thinking was coloured by the philosophies they expressed at the time. Their influence in the C.P. was waning due to their age and the changing times...The discrediting of the Soviet Union over human rights, USSR setting up the Warsaw Pact, the invasion of Hungary in 1956 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 being one set, and Euro-Communism as a driving force was coming to dominate, and the ramification of the 2nd world war was playing a lesser role due to the Vietnam War. As an aside, I also had the pleasure of purchasing Johnny Campbell, a fellow Scot, a dram of whisky when I met up with him at a party school, and listened to his experiences in earlier life during his "seditionary" period. At that time there were very few Jews on the National Committee of the Communist Party, and only one on the National Executive Political Committee, as I remember. I also read the story of Cable Street and about Mosley and the British Union of Fascists and how his Blackshirts were eventually banned under the Public Order Act of 1936, which helped to prevent the spread of a "fifth column" here in the UK.

see url: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=POkxdm6DoAsC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Jonathan+Frankel:+Jews+%26+Communism&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjo4cOOnrnNAhUqJsAKHUVtCsgQ6AEIIDAA#v=onepage&q=Jonathan%20Frankel%3A%20Jews%20%26%20Communism&f=false
see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Union_of_Fascists
see url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-15171772
Take your pick...and alternative view...see url: https://www.oswaldmosley.com/battle-of-cable-street/

At the time I was a member, the National Front was very active, and I can remember watching a demonstration along Whitehall where about 600 of them were marching past Downing Street, with banners and slogans saying "Keep Britain White" and throwing 6" nails into the air, so that they landed close to us who were watching them. There were also plenty of leaflets attacking a "Jewish Conspiracy" and a glorification of Germany under Hitler and the NSDAP and calling for the removal of our form of government and replacing it with a dictatorship. This close association between the National Front and various other so called right wing groups and their adoration of Hitler and the NSDAP https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Union_of_Fascists also coloured my thinking in that I see fascism, racism, anti-Semitism and the NSDAP and Hitler's theory and practice as very closely associated with each other.

see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Front_(UK)

I remember too, that the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" philosophy in the C.P. was largely going through a revision and being replaced with the "British Road to Socialism" which I supported at the time because it believed in a peaceful form of social revolution. Though nowadays I believe more in evolution than I do revolution, and do wonder if revolution can ever be peaceful, or even legal...but that is another story.

So, coming from that sort of background, I am just wondering what sort of doctor you are who can quote the story below with what appears to be, some relish?. When I quoted that story about the Prison Officer in the Concentration camp who was called William Tell, I didn't tell it as a joke, and I didn't think it was funny. I thought that doctors took the Hippocratic oath and agreed to help all and everyone who is in pain or need of treatment, notwithstanding whether they advocated a denial of the holocaust, or what religion, or race or creed, or colour or ethnic background or even whether they were a combatant or enemy soldier? Perhaps it is my naivete and my stupidity and misinterpretation coming to the fore again...

see url: http://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/904/index.do

Now, I am no supporter of Douglas Christie, or Zundell, and he may have been a crap lawyer, and he might have been a right wing racist and fascist lawyer and with that I have no truck, nor sympathy; but he did take the Zundell case to the Supreme Court and won it on the point, that people in Canada could express their views, because the section of the act curtailing their freedom of speech was curtailed. Therefore, in Canada, no matter how abhorrent it is to anyone, a person who denies the holocaust is entitled to not only think it, but to say it, to state it as a belief. There have been too many times in history where a person, or a group of people, or a race or tribe or clan of people have been refused their right of free speech and to express what they think or thought, you, more than most will be well aware of that...I should think. In the US today, the executive and administration are making many attacks on curtailing the right of freedom of speech and expression, using classified information to deny the citizen the right to know what the executive is doing in their name.

The reason I started the original thread, was because I had never spoken to a "holocaust denier", or more correctly, a person who is arguing, on the theory of probabilities, that there may not have been "a" or "the" holocaust, though I have read and seen many reports on the Internet, and read many books on the subject. I personally go along with the most respected views, even official views of history, particularly court cases; until such times as I hear evidence to the contrary; though I am aware that often too, court outcomes can be wrong due to the prejudices or other beliefs of the judge and jury. And may I say that though I may question what the Holocaust is, that does NOT mean that I deny it.

The reason I stopped contributing was because I, quite frankly didn't have enough information to counteract Peters assertions, and as very few others were contributing, I didn't have enough savvy to conduct it on my own.

May I say that in some aspects you have been quite helpful, though, being so naive I had to look up what LMFAO meant,

see url: http://www.internetslang.com/LMFAO-meaning-definition.asp (Is this the meaning...or am I assuming too much?)

what WCC meant, see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Canada_Concept

The film about VRBA see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Vrba

I found very interesting, though certain aspects of VRBA's testimony in the Zundell trial was profoundly challenged, according to the court report and in Douglas Christie's speech. I really don't know enough to make a judgement at this time, but I reserve my opinion on it, until I hear otherwise. And it is as well to remember that the world has changed very much since the second world war, a lot more historical evidence has come to light, much more yet to come and to be evaluated by modern historians.

People are entitled to their beliefs, you are entitled to yours, we all have free expression, I prefer to use mine evidentially, make the case...but I do realise for some that the subject is a very emotional one which is close to their hearts and involved the horrors of war.

There is one point I would like to know...and perhaps explore. Has anyone got a definition of what the Holocaust was? How long it lasted, from when until when? The reason I ask is that because sometimes, the obvious questions are forgotten, and people finish up being unable to see the wood from the trees...including me....



On 18/06/2016 04:39, LEACHMAN Cliff wrote:

  Hi Peter,
         Coincidentally my assistant just bought the Vrba book I scanned, for 
my recent birthday and was reading this email over my shoulder at the office 
and burst out laughing as I did, when I read your comment about the notorious 
Doug Christie! What a small world and that you would admire such a person, not 
surprising I guess, but hilarious! I know Doug Christie very well, his office 
is the size of a shoe box (15 feet X 10 feet) and is 1 1/2 blocks from our 
dental office, Victoria BC. Covered by surveillance cameras after repeated 
vandalism, had a swastika sprayed painted on it and left it on the door as a 
calling card for years, I think he like it, no I'm sure he liked it!
        Not the sharpest tool in the shed, racist's as a rule never are 
intellectual giants. He despised me because of my chinese wife and the mixing 
of the races, he thought Leachman was German, told you he was not very smart. 
Great-grandparents english was poor and it became Leachman in translation from 
Ukranian and they settled in Winnepeg, Doug's birthplace incidentally. He and I 
are both famous and infamous in Victoria, for obviously different reasons his 
WCC party dissolved when the members figured out it was a racist hate group and 
that he is a NAZI and Grand Dragon.
        He originally heard of me when I inquired from Wolfgang Droege for some of 
his coloured literature in the 80"s, when he was forming a Clan group, I wrote 
in multi-colored crayons. Little did I know the RCMP would be watching this 
exchange. Like yourself I just wanted to be informed of your position, as repugnant 
as it may be! I eventually handed all the material he sent me to my cp-wprker a 
German sous chef, Kaiser (Hotel Georgia), whose father was a pastry chef (Hotel 
Vancouver) and was an former SS officer in WW2. Little did he know of my Jewish 
bloodline or did I know what they would do with it and what they ended up 
becoming....I couldn't believe people actually took this rubbish seriously, and 
being in my early 20's didn't really care just wanted to be informed!
        Best part of the story is he had prostate cancer and thanx to our 
Canadian medical system you don't have much choice of doctors the best in 
Urologist in our town, by a country mile, is wait for it.... Dr. Gary 
Steinhoff, Jewish of course and he wouldn't see him so he was left with a Sikh 
and others he found distasteful and was stuck with an incompetent asshole who 
has had his licence suspended numerous times and recently was nationally 
covered for, I'll let you look it up. Ex father-in-law was a Urologist so I 
know all the stories, especially since he spent a lot of his his time fixing 
his colleagues mistakes! We don't sue like Americans or these clowns would be 
out of business!
        You can guess what happened, it metastasized to his liver and he died 
of cancer a couple of years later 2013. One of the most painful cancers, one of 
the few cancers doctors in Canada are willing to euthanize patients with 
because of the agony. Now it may not be Karma, you can judge that for yourself, 
but I hope sometimes that you question your position as I often do or would 
prefer to live in ignorance to advance the cause of Anti-Semitism. For sure the 
victors write the history, but to pretend the Holocaust is a hoax, I can only 
hope you burn your white pointy hat Peter and rethink this for your own mental 
and spiritual health and future, we after all are all brothers on this limited 
stay on Earth, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, birthplace or education. 
Cheers CLIFF

On 2016-06-17, at 5:17 AM, Peter Presland wrote:

Rudolph Vrba - alias Walter Rosenberg/Rosenthal.

Vrba's sworn testimony to the 1985 Zundel trial in Canada is at odds
with his 1944 report - co-authored with his friend Alfred Wetzler, part
of which was presented as evidence at Nuremberg, and which forms the
basis of the book you refer to. He was ruthlessly cross-examined by
Zundel's lawyer Doug Christie and was largely discredited when he
resorted to the term 'poetic license' to explain major discrepancies
between his prosecution evidence and his 1944 report. It's that 'poetic
license' that is the foundation of the Holocaust official narrative

There are also statements which could not possibly be true. For example:

1. His report details large pits over 20 meters long and no less than 6
meters deep emanating great heat containing charred human bones and
intact 'babies sculls', which he personally witnessed. Whereas the water
table at Auschwitz is never deeper than 2 meters from the surface.

2. He claims he accounted for no less than 1.7 million gassings - and
that at the Birkeau camp alone and before the death rate escalated
through the winter of 1944-45. Whereas the present Auschwitz plaque
commemorates 1.5 million deaths from ALL causes (no mention of gas
chambers either) and from BOTH Auschwitz camps, for the duration.

All of this is pure NWO heresy of course, but it is nonetheless
verifiable fact.

Good luck with your super-hero. He never really recovered from that
Chistie grilling did he? If the world has a future outside of what our
Lords and Masters have planned for us, I doubt its (revised) history
will be kind to him. For my money - on the balance of probability you
might say - he is a as big a charlatan as his co-survivor, Eli Weasel.

You and I both know that, if I were conducting this exchange from a
German jurisdiction, I would be prima facie guilty of a felony under
German law. Please tell me - you or anyone else - why making the above
observations should be such an absolute taboo in western society and
enforced with such ferocity.


On 14/06/2016 01:57, LEACHMAN Cliff wrote:
Hi ALL, If you are really interested in the Holocast, then read this
book or watch the series below. I was fortunate enough to have Dr.
Vrba as an instructor in the 80's at UBC where he taught Pharmacology
to the Medical/Dental students. The British series World at War uses
him extensively to describe his experiences at Auchwitz. The truth is
out there, Steven Speilberg should do a movie about him and Wetzler,
watched the series as a child and never liked horror movies after
that, this was by far the worst horror on the earth. Counter to what
Peter was saying, NO ONE wanted to hear about his experiences,
including Jewish people and NO ONE politized him either and they
should have! I have read numerous of the articles and he is
completely absent and yet his documentation was pivotal in changing
the allies view of the camps. Zyclon B as a delouser? There are
people waiting for you on the other side for printing that, I've been
to the other side once and almost didn't come back! Changed my life
completely and my direction and belief in a higher being! This is all
temporary and an ALL encompasing power awaits us all! Cheers CLIFF

P.S. I also got a chance after running into him on campus, with a
couple of my classmates, to shake his hand and tell him that he was a
superhero to me and thanked him for what he had done on our behalves,
a few of my classmates teased me later saying, "I've never seen you
kiss anybodies ass before, yet you did his and he can't give you a
better mark you know". They would complain to the department that
they couldn't understand him over his thick accent, I would tell them
REPEATEDLY who he was and what he had done for MANKIND, never the
Jewish People Shalom!



On 2016-06-13, at 4:33 AM, douglas rankine (Redacted sender
"douglasrankine2001" for DMARC) wrote:

Thank you Peter...and thank you Chien, and my apologies for putting
my thoughts on what I assumed you were asserting, Peter. You have
cleared it up nicely for me...and I have no wish, want, desire or
intention to put anyone in a corner, or nail anyone to the
mast...or for them to incriminate themselves. My intentions are
purely educational and academic.

Irving is a case and point...I don't believe in censorship, people
can think what they like, but once they act and do, there can be
and are consequences and Irving certainly nailed himself to the
mast in Austria...and he decided to plead guilty and admit that
there was only a little holocaust...my words.

see url:

"The judge repeatedly asked ¬≠Irving if he still subscribed to the
views articulated in the 1989 speeches. "I made a mistake saying
there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz," he conceded. He claimed
that the Holocaust figure of 6 million murdered Jews was "a
symbolic number" and said his figures totalled 2.7 million.

You, and Chien Fume are certainly showing up my weaknesses in
historical knowledge about the Holocaust and the power of the
Jewish Lobby.  And thank you both for taking the time to improve my
education in this area...and for the urls, and long may such
discourse continue.  You have opened my eyes and my ears and my
mind and pointed out some new lines of enquiry which I am going to
delve in to.  I will now go and do a lot more research into the
subject.  With that in mind I am dropping out of this thread, until
such time as I have removed the sand and drivel from the holes in
my mind.

Once again, thanking you both....



"One learns sumfink noo every day" Me Dad.

"Education is an admirable thing, but it is as well to remember
from time to time, that nothing that is worth knowing can be
taught"  Oscar Wilde.

On 12/06/2016 09:25, Peter Presland wrote:
Hi Doug

My replies interspersed below:

On 10/06/2016 13:10, douglas rankine (Redacted sender
douglasrankine2001 for DMARC) wrote:

I think you are misreading me Peter...I wasn't in the
slightest bit outraged or even feeling emotional about the
article...rather I was more confused than anything else
because all this stuff is so new to me, which is why I put
down my thoughts on what you were asserting.
Fair enough Doug but take a good look at what I was asserting
because to me they read more like your thoughts on what you
assume I was asserting.

I was only trying to understand what it was that you were
alluding to in quoting the article.  May I say that as far as
I could see there were so many contradictions in the article
that I couldn't make head nor tail of what it was you were
trying to put across to me, to be quite honest.  So I  just
thought I would have a stab at what I thought you intended it
to mean...Like lawyers who extract principles from the
evidence presented to them.  I did warn you that I am a very
poor lawyer...:-).
I am not aware I quoted from the article. I merely suggested it
as containing a narrative that the 'Guardians of the Victors'
history narrative' (GOTVHN) do not want anyone to consider, hence
they are labelled extremist, hateful, mad, bad, evil etc etc. All
the usual ad-hominems to avoid addressing unpleasant evidence.

Perhaps you can help me by telling me how I made such a gross
travesty of what Jonathan Azaziah said?  If you could tell me
a little more about what point it is that you are making or
trying to make when you quoted him as a source?  This might
help to remove any ambivalence in our discussions.
I am saying that there are some irrefutable evidential gems in
the piece that make very uncomfortable reading for the GOTVHN,
that's all. The travesty lay in extrapolating the dissident
thrust of the piece into masses of detailed events making
manifestly absurd assumptions about many. For example "There were
no concentration camps".

For instance, you did say that  "there was no mass
extermination of the Jews and no holocaust" in an earlier
posting at the bottom of the page.  So, at least I have got
that bit right.    All I was doing was trying to do was to
abstract some principles from the article you were quoting,
and this was one of them.
For clarity, what I am saying is that there is compelling
evidence for the following three propositions (per the Holocaust
Trinity): 1. Extermination of the German and occupied Jewish
populations was never the official policy of the NSDAP. Rather it
was to expel them from the Reich proper. 2. The number of
'Holocaust' ie Jewish deaths was less than 1 million 3. The
claimed principle means of mass executions - Mass homicidal gas
chambers - never existed.

I am willing to be proven wrong on any of them. The problem
however, is that academic and media discussion of the evidential
basis of all of them is strictly forbidden in the West. In much
of Europe, to do so invites a prison sentence. Elsewhere, career

My natural reaction to such an absurd taboo, has long been to ask
'just what the hell are they trying to hide?'. I do not like what
the past 12 years study has taught me but there you go... That's
the way it is.

In the meantime, I will have a look at those other sources
you have quoted below.  I wouldn't be interested in receiving
the private material you mention.
Just send me a private email per the page instructions at:
https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:To_be_a_German_-_Part_4 and
I'll send access credentials - prefer to use PGP but if you
haven't got it no matter. My public key is attached.

I would hate to be accused or held responsible if it got out.
I have dropped enough people in the shit in the past either
inadvertently or inadvertently (including meself) and try to
avoid it like the plague.  My motto is: if one is frightened
to publish ...then don't...
Which is why he asked me not to :-). The salient point being that
he has very good reason to be frightened - witness the treatment
of David Irving.


And the purpose of this mailing list, after all, is to share
information publicly, so that all who are interested, can



On 10/06/2016 11:54, Peter Presland wrote:
Hi Doug

No. It would NOT be fair.

That is such a gross travesty of the Jonathan Azaziah piece
that I fear there is little point in proceeding with this.
Either you haven't read it, or you are so outraged by what
you have read that emotion has trumped reason and prompted
a caricature that misrepresents the entire piece.

Here is another link. It is to 4 x short essays by an
ex-patriot German whom I am privileged to call a friend. He
is a little older than you or I. He has asked me not to
publish the last essay as he may have to return to Germany
and, in spite of writing under a pseudonym, he would
undoubtedly be prosecuted and imprisoned were it to be
published. I can let you have a private link to it if you

Meanwhile, I'll confine myself to mentioning just a few bald facts that
would prompt questioning of the Victors' history in which
we are all so well schooled to anyone with a genuinely open
mind, were it not so risky (career-destroying) to do so

* In 1933, following Hitler's assumption of the
Chancellorship, a New York times headline read "JUDEA
DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY". It was a bell-weather for US-UK
MSM coverage generally from then on.

* The German Communist Party - like its Bolshevik brothers
- was dominated by Jews working to further the aims of that
'declaration of war'. There was therefore considerable
justification for Jews to be viewed collectively as a '5th
Column' of considerably greater threat to the German State
than, for example, Japanese Americans were to the US State
- who were likewise herded into concentration camps.

* Hitler made it clear from the outset of his
Chancellorship that his primary aim was to restore
Germany's territorial integrity and self-respect after the
outrageous humiliation of Versailles. At a minimum he
wanted the lands ceded to Poland and the newly-created
hybrid State of Czechoslovakia  (which were populated by
90%+ ethnic Germans) returned to Germany.

* Kristallnacht did happen. But context (which you omit) is
everything and Hitler did promulgate a special law
forbidding victimisation of Jewish businesses and
prescribing severe punishment for transgressors as a

* It was Britain that then declared war on Germany. Two
weeks later when the Soviets too invaded Poland (and
occupied considerably more Polish territory in the process)
- there was deafening silence from Britain.

*From the outset of the war, Hitler made repeated and
strenuous efforts to reach a reasonable peace with the
Allied Powers. He was rebuffed on numerous occasions but
was slow to lose faith in the rationality of the British
wartime leadership. Perhaps most notably he allowed the
BEF (including my father) to escape almost intact from
Dunkirk in 1940.

* There were no extermination gas chambers. The one shown
to credulous tourists was built by the Soviets AFTER the
war had ended. The iconic photo of a British Tommy
bulldozing a mountain of skeletal corpses into a mass grave
and used to whip up post-war an anti-German frenzy on the
alleged extermination of Jews, was in fact taken at
Bergen-Belsen, which even Wikipedia acknowledges was  NOT
an extermination camp. It also confirms the real cause of
so many camp deaths - see below.

* The primary causes of death in the concentration camps
were typhus and malnutrition - predominantly in the last 12
months of the war. The former fought by means of Zyklon-B
de-lousing chambers for clothing and giving rise to the
extermination gas-chambers myth; the latter caused by
near-saturation Allied bombing that comprehensively
destroyed food transport and distribution systems.

* The Jewish scholar Raul Hilberg puts the pre and post-war
Jewish populations of Germany-Austria at  9.2 and 3.8
million respectively and concludes that 5.4 million must
have perished. He takes no account of Jewish net emigration
from the early 1930's which is generally accepted to have
totaled about 4.4 million. That would leave under 1
million unaccounted for.

* Auschwitz is promoted as the main Jewish 'extermination
camp'. Until 1990 a commemoration plaque put the number
killed there at 4 million. In 1995 a new plaque claiming
1.5 million killed was installed. There has been no
corresponding reduction in the hallowed 6 million total

* 6 million has esoteric significance in Jewish history in
that it was used repeatedly throughout the early 20th
century when propagandising the number of Jews allegedly
'at risk' from hostile Gentile governments.

And so on.


On 10/06/2016 00:09, douglas rankine (Redacted sender
douglasrankine2001 for DMARC) wrote:
Hi Peter,
So, according to your posting and the urls below.
Would this be a fair resume of what you are asserting?

There was no Holocaust, and there was no mass
extermination of Jews. The NSDAP treated Jews equally
with the rest of the populations of Germany and Europe.
That  those Jews who did die, died of starvation caused
by the Allied Powers, along with many German people;
and that the Holocaust during the 2nd World War is a
figment of the imagination of a world alliance of Jews,
the Jewish Lobby, historians, politicians, the ruling
establishments of the UK, the USA, Russia, and France
and it is all propaganda which was created to justify
the attacks and declaration of war on Germany in 1939
and the subjugation of  the people of Germany after the
WW2. This whole Jewish myth is perpetuated by the
ruling circles of these countries by teaching it to the
children, including the children of Germany.   It was
the Allies who carried out the atrocities during the
last war, starving the people  and launching a war of
mass destruction against the German people.   It was
the Allies who carried out mass carpet bombing of
German cities, which was directed at killing most of
the civilian people.  The NSDAP and Hitler were just
trying to protect the interests of the German people
through the use of the Brownshirts to remove the
enemies of the people, the communists, trade unions
and social democrats, the ethnic minorities, such as
gypsies,  and the S.S. who originally looked after
Hitler, were so good at doing their job that they were
specially trained to take care of the Jews; and that
the NSDAP and Hitler and the Wermacht only took action
against certain countries before the war to protect
their economic interests.

There were no Kristallnacht in 1938 in Germany,  or
concentration camps, no extermination camps,
established in Poland and occupied Europe, no policy
and practice of "The Final Solution", just well
provided for work camps to help the German war effort,
and the NSDAP and Hitler did all they could to help the
Jewish people and the people of Poland and the peoples
of Russia and the Slavs, even though they admitted to
being prejudiced against them in Clause 4 of their 25
points election manifesto,  because they were
strangling the German economy and had taken over the
main financial centres; and that the pure blood of the
superior intellectual Aryan race, would never dream of
treating subject peoples to such inhuman behaviour.  No
experiments on camp inmates were carried out by
Mengele, and people with mental and physical
disabilities were not exterminated but were sent off
to hospitals and nursing homes where they died by
accident; and and that the NSDAP and Hitler and the
Wermacht, would never have attempted to invade Russia
if it hadn't been for Stalin breaking the
German/Soviet Pact? There was no  NSDAP or German
government policy in occupied countries of transporting
Jews, removing them against their will to the
fatherland, and that they all went voluntarily?  There
were no forced marches or forced transportation of
masses of Russians, Slavs, Ukrainians and other ethnic
groupings,and no policy of extermination against them.
The few that were deliberately killed were for reasons
of security,and only after a fair trial, or because
they were enemies of the German State. The Nuremberg
Trials after the war, were nothing more than a travesty
of justice with the Victors prosecuting the victims,
and the evidence presented there in justification was
no more than the figment of the imagination of the Jews
and other people who presented it.  The legal basis for
the trials were non-existent, crimes against humanity
or crimes of genocide didn't exist in German Law or in
International law, and the 13 who were convicted at the
main trail in Nuremberg were victims of a miscarriage
of justice.



On 06/06/2016 16:22, Peter Presland wrote:
Sounds fair enough to me Doug, but with a minor
caveat: based on your postings here I am likely to
have less time than you to devote to this, so long
considered replies may take a while.

Since the following links, originally posted in reply
to Chien Fume, approximate to my developing
understanding more closely than do the establishment
official narratives and they are wide-ranging, I will
open with them for starters.


An example of the outrageous deceptions of the
Victors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vs1eR7hsT8

Paula's take on her bother Adolf Hitler.



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