[cryptome] Re: Judge orders deposition of Cosby's wife kept under seal

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  • Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2016 12:53:59 -0800

On January 5, 2016 12:31:36 PM Michael Best <themikebest@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Would love to see this on Cryptome - if it's as relevant as I think it is
and not just salacious.

I'm not really surprised, with the criminal charges that were just filed against him. Hopefully it'll be unsealed after that's resolved (trial or whatever else happens.)

Personally, I hope that the charges against Cosby aren't legit (as
disturbing and unprecedented as it would be for so many people to make up
sexual assault charges) - it's definitely interfered with my ability to
enjoy his work in the last few years. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any
evidence that comforts me with that impression. =\

We listened to so many Cosby records as kids... there are some phrases from him deeply ingrained in my vocabulary that now make me think twice when I catch myself saying them.

I also hope it's not true, but even his own words (in the unsealed transcript) seem pretty damning. It's sad. Also, I don't think that many people would come forward if they were lying/looking for money, etc. I know first hand how difficult and awkward it is to talk about sexual assault. I can't imagine telling the gory details to the entire world, so I would hope it's not something someone (well, 50 someones) would fabricate.

Both options suck :/


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