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  • Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 23:17:23 +0000

Hi John,
As Karl Marx once said, "Many philosophers have interpreted the world, the point is...to change it...".

The invention of the internet had military aims at one time, to preserve the communications and organisation and cohesion of the military. Nowadays, the business and corporate influence reigns supreme, with the social media organsations treating us individuals as units of commerce, to be marketed, to be advertised at, to be sold to, and our disposable incomes analysed and offers made, on the basis of our likes and dislikes, to suck us dry. There is a great competition between those who wish to feather their own nests, no matter the consequences for themselves, their families, their friends, or others. And organisations, from philanthropy, to education to charity, not rocking the boat in case it affects their funding, has become the norm. Chief Executive Officers gain their salaries on targetting our senior citizens, the young idealists and the disabled, the diseased, the naive and the stupid, and the poor folks abroad, who have been made poor and kept poor because they cannot get access to our capitalist markets on more even or equal terms. And yet, is a global economy and a global market a bad or a good thing? Is it a good or bad thing that small businesses as well as large corporates can sell their wares more easily and economically, and that consumers can get access to goods and services which they never dreamed of in the past? It is a mixed bag...in my view...like the rest of human activity and life on the planet.

But, can one imagine a world of peace, a world without money, and an abundance of food and a surplus of materials, where caring for one another is mutual; where people went to work at what they wanted to work at and did it just for the pure love of it, for the education and the satisfaction of the social needs, wants and desires of the population; and all material stuff is shared out equally amongst the masses of humanity?

If, by some stroke of the imagination, such a world were created...how long would it last before it broke down, due to the sheer boredom of living the quiet life. As my father used to say..."the road tae hell is paved wi' guid intentions". As Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." The Utopian dream of Thomas More perhaps...

Still, with all that the internet and the world wide web has to offer in terms of world wide enlightenment in history and science, why is it that so many of our fellow human beings take the easy road, the road of corruption, of easy money, of wanting "their 15 minutes of fame" of warring with one another on the social media, of conducting war between nations and groups; of becoming masters of deception; rather than the more difficult and challenging route of educating their minds, sharing and using their learning to advance themselves and others and society, in co-operating with one another for their mutual benefit...Why is it that so many people find the acquisition of money, or capital; as the way to happiness, salvation and enlightenment, instead of the hard graft of labour of the body and labour of the mind...

But, there again, hasn't it always been that way...and won't it always be that way? Is it not the agressive streak within human nature, which is part of the evolutionary success of home sapiens in a survival strategy which drives on the sciences, to the point where we contemplate transferring a human head onto another body? The new technology, the new information society will affect us in ways which we cannot contemplate, far less even comprehend. Even the science fictionalists will be hard pressed to come up with some future scenario, science and technology is advancing so fast.

Personally, I would never have dreamt that such a scenario as we are presented with today would have developed in my life time.

As for being one of the shallow...(and I do consider myself as one of the shallow, the opportunists, the taker as well as giver) well, I have the consolation of knowing that only the shallow know themselves...per my mentor...Oscar Wilde.... And...where would we be...without tidbits...:-) .

I still liked the alcohol quote though...not to, in any way, demean or denigrate the work which your goodself, Deborah Natsio or Cryptome does. I much appreciate that...though perhaps you didn't say it?

On 29/01/2016 22:15, John Young wrote:

The Wikipedia and Wikiquote entries show no sign of having
read the many of 100,000 documents on Cryptome, nor urge
others to do so. We have found that to be true to all media
which are heavily mined for shallow quotes for the shallow
minded visitors to compendia of slightest tidbits.

Media's obsession and weakness with trivialization profiles fits
Wikipedia and its offshoots obsessive avoidance of study and
reflection. Over several months Wikipedia and offshoots have
been posting selective biaes and smears of Cryptome and its
hosts. And have rejected our attempts to add balance, correct errors
and reduce the orchestrated onslaught. We have been told this
has taken place for numerous targets with little recourse. Many
now recommend avoid Wikipedia due its being used as a tool
for particular agendas, not least to satisfy potential funding
sources. So it goes with quite a few once beneficial initiatives
corrupted by notoriety and infame over the spectrum of news,
scholarship and non-profit information enterprises gradually
consumed by funding sources intending to use them for
purposes unique to the funders.

Lurid leaks, hyped freedom of information threats, long-suffering
calculating whistleblowing, shrewd complicit opposition to authority
(never go too far, or funding disappears) have become a lucrative
industry for governments, commerce, scholars, non-profits,
professionals, experts, courts, lawyers, commercial hackers,
dual-use technicians and testifiers. Surveillance studies a
hoot, Snowden studies a charade, drop boxes tip jars for
lighted candles.

Wikipedia, like the Wayback Machine, like ICANN, like
Web 2, 3, 4, like comsec and AV, have succumbed to
overviewism, a digital imperialism requiring global
take of everything by crowdsourcing, by exploiting
free labor and SM, by siphoning archives and offerings,
by outdoing, designing programs for scraping, and
providing data, leaks, snitches, betrayals for official
spies and their twin, the official media.

Quote this.

At 03:34 PM 1/29/2016, you wrote:

Found this the other day...Telescoped view of John Young and Cryptomes. activities and sayings. Quite humorous and poignant. I liked the one on alcohol the best of all...after my own sentiments...Sartre's waiter, and all that. None of it is true...of course... more to do with the imagination...;-) .

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