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Hi Todd,

Yup! Quite an amazing background and history. True American patriot, and was
so deeply Christian and with such deep Christian values that he got born again
and took on a new life. Rose from the lower middle classes to one of the most
powerful jobs in the land. Was a major supporter of the Patriot Act, getting
it through Congress, including its spying provisions. He did all that a good
American could be asked of, and put all his trust in the state and its
institutions. Unfortunately he learned late in life, that ones past often has
a way of cropping up at an inconvenient time. Fame and fortune and serving the
public can have its cost. And a slow learning curve regarding losing his trust
in the banks and banking system, late in life, brought a profound realisation
that their payment and transactions systems, which he helped create, were not
quite suited to his needs, in terms of privacy and security, as they were to
his friends, colleagues, partners, associates and fellow travellers. I am
intrigued to know where he was going to keep all that money, as much as the
inland revenue are much intrigued as to where and how he amassed a personal
fortune of between $4 million and $17 million. I wonder if he is doubting,
that, after all, encouraging, supporting and advocating such deep and wide
ranging provisions in anti-terrorist and anti-fraud legislation, was quite as
good an idea as he first believed...Perish the thought... J.



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Politicians. What's not to like about 'em?

On Jun 2, 2015, at 8:35 PM, Douglas Rankine <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>

See url: http://cryptome.org/2015/05/hastert-000-003.pdf

Ex Speaker of House of Representatives charged with money laundering. Agreed
in 2010 to secret payment of $3.5 million in stages in compensation to
individual victim A for previous misconduct. Started to pay it off in lots of
$50,000, but it was queried by Authorities due to all lots over $10,000 having
to be declared to US government. Then decided to pay it out in lots below
$10,000 thinking that it wouldn’t be noticed. It was noticed, and he was
investigated with trying to conceal further payments to A and therefore evading
Federal regulations.

Investigation agencies were concerned about the payments, because of his high
office as Speaker of the House of Representatives, whether such payments would
affect his duties and responsibilities to the people of the United States.

When interviewed by government agents, he allegedly made false statements
regarding the purposes of the money transactions, in that he said that he
didn’t trust the US banking system and so decided to keep his money in cash,
when in fact, it is alleged, he had been paying it to victim A to purchase the
secrecy of his past misconduct. After hearing the evidence the Grand Jury
decided to allow prosecution.

Presumably the evidence in this case was gained from the banks reporting the
large transactions to the appropriate body and then passed on to the FBI for
further investigation, and selectors were used to discover further evidence.

For background information to Dennis Hastert’s career. See url:




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