[cryptome] Re: Job Description for CIA Director: The 15 Commandments.

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 10:56:34 +0000

Hi John,
Happen you're right...When one looks at that report, I do feel grateful that I never reached that level in politics, where the art of deception has been taken so far. I think I was "discovered" and marginalised early...:-) . It reminds me of the last days of the Roman Empire...any empire actually. Desperately hanging on, every human moral and ethical principle, every thought turned into a can of worms, every action turning into a snake bite in the back or knife in the front, humanity going out the window, doing everything to control the situation and hold on to power.

I liked the phrase Obama uttered..."We tortured some folks" and how the senator took it apart in the article. We never did no such thing, some people did it, who have yet to be held to account, and it wasn't "some folks" it was lots of folks, as yet we don't know all of them. At least he admitted that they were tortured.

I have certainly been devious, capricious and deceptive in my time...one can't get to being 69 without doing summat wrong...sometimes I have gotten away with it, other times, I think I have gotten away with it and other times still, I have got caught out and had to live with it.

And of course if I was put in that position, either through choice or circumstance, would I be any different...Of course I would... I would do it a lot better.....

I have always tried to work the principle that it is better to be as honest and straightforward as I can, but if I am forced to lie, or someone is so desperate to hear what they want to hear, why not give that very thing to them. After all, they will believe it anyway...:-) . As Harold MacMillan, British P.M. once said, way back in 1956..."Events, dear boy...events", when it came to the Suez Canal war against Abdul Nasser and Egypt and US non-support.

Still, it is nice that the world can learn about such things in a shorter space of time than it did in the old days. Will the internet and the world wide web spreading such knowledge all over, make any difference though? I doubt it, new forms lead to the old being wrapped up in new gift paper and new shapes. As Karl Marx once said in relation to the Paris Commune of 1889, "History goes in circles, the first time it is a tragedy, the second time a farce. I see that Hollande's popularity has more than doubled since those terrorists shot up Charlie. Terrorists are still shooting people for showing cartoons of Mo...even though their religion not only allows it, but draws its own pictures every day...and publishes them. Funny ole world...C'est la vie.

On 18/01/15 21:34, John Young wrote:
Fundamental duty of spies is to lie about everything all the time.
Which puts them in a contradictory position with overseers who
know this and must pretend to believe the spies when they are

It also puts them in a contradictory position with each other inside
their agencies and with outside allies and opponents who are
doing the same smoke and mirrors.

The result is continuous fabrication of accounts to fit whatever
circumstances arise, and change the accounts without hesitaton
or to hesitate if that beguiles and deceives.

Nothing about this is peculiar, it is fundamentally human.

Believe you me: the truth will set you free, the cause and first
casualty of war, necessary for swindling friends and foes,
verily godsent by the Creator. Wink, buy us a brew, dear friend.

At 11:28 AM 1/18/2015, you wrote:
see url: http://cryptome.org/2015/01/cia-udall-nyt-15-0117.pdf

1. Must be a good liar
2. Must have a vivid imagination.
3. Must be able to think on his/her feet.
4. Must be a consistent liar.
5. Must be able to play a team, including President, DCI, NSA, Senate & Congress the Media, and, last but not least, the American People.
6. Must have a thick skin.
7. Must be prepared to sell his/her grandmother/grandfather for a mess of pottage.
8. Must have no moral, legal or social conscience.
9. Be able to live for the moment.
10. Good at praying that he/she won't be caught out.
11. Negotiate a "Get Me Out Free" clause when taking on the job.
12. No need to be good at deception...
13. Must know how to delegate the art of deception to others.
14. Must know how to avoid the buck stopping at his desk.
15. Must believe in the mantra that he is George Washington and never tells a lie.
16. When the time comes, be forgetful.
17. When retired, believe in God and support good causes.
18. Must be able to pass the lie detector test every two months.

Any more specifications would be most welcome...

P.S. We can work on qualifications and the background later.

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