[cryptome] Jeff Sessions visit to the Russian Ambassador

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Excuse my ignorance, but if the above chap can visit an Ambassador or a registered agent of a foreign country as a Senator of the US of A, then why cannot he visit an Ambassador of a foreign state as an individual? And if he did visit the Ambassador of Russia as an individual and not a Senator, why did he bother to deny it? Surely, any individual citizen of the USA can visit whom he likes, either in his own country, or abroad, provided his meeting is for a lawful purpose? After all, President Trump was only the President elect at the time, and he didn't have any position in the political establishment at all...

I know that Trump made certain statements during his election campaign about suggesting that the Russians expose the Democrat leadership for what they are, by digging up the dirt via their insecure email systems, but, even so, he is allowed to say what he likes, and the majority of the states elected him to the position of President, according to the US Constitution....If Trump wants to cuddle up to Putin instead of making him is enemy...so what...Am I missing something here?


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