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*Coincidence or what....Accusations of corruption by police, who are investigating and have arrested a number of leading politicians in Israel for criminal activities, nepotism and cronyism. Happens before every election, the political party government ministers who were part of the coalition and who stand accused, say, apart from the Prime Minister and his allies.

The result of the Israeli elections are very important in this coming year, due to changes in attitudes and foreign policies in the US and Europe, particularly towards Iran and the question of removing nuclear weapons from the Middle East, (Israel does not have nuclear weapons given to them by the USG of course, even in the Negev Desert, as this would be in breach of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty which the USA has signed up to, and which Israel hasn't, using the concept of nuclear ambiguity...sounds like implausible denial to me, but there you are...who am I...) and international moves by the Palestinians for recognition of their state.

The wall increases in size and length, as the Israelis surround themselves in a huge mass of concrete, seeking shelter behind it, trying to prevent terrorist attacks on their homeland, attempting to thwart, deter, shut down Palestinian tunnels which are used for the purposes of shelter from Israeli bombing, and for manufacturing of legal and illegal goods, transport, storage and manufacture of munitions trade, import, export of goods, access, sedition and subversion; constructed for Palestinian merchants and suppliers and Hamas terrorist bombers alike, who are attempting to undermine the selective trade embargo and the Israeli nation and the tribes' survival, whilst the construction of an "iron dome" funded and supplied by the USA of defence rockets protects against Hamas terrorist rockets (over 4000 so far) reigning down on innocent Israeli civilians; and continuing at the same time, with cutting off access to more Palestinian lands.

Proposals to appropriate even more land to which Palestine lays claim, and without consultation, so that more homes are built for exclusive use of Israelis have been agreed by the Knesset. Palestinians will not be offered housing or domicile in those areas, as they are not Israeli citizens.

The latest move, strongly supported by the present Prime Minister Netenyahu to change the Israeli Constitution, by the addition of the words "And Jewish" to the Democratic State of Israel, is causing great concern, splits and divisions, not only amongst native Israeli citizens, and the tribe, but amongst Arab citizens as well, because they will have less rights than before regarding immigration and emigration of their families, being of a different religion and tribe, whilst Jewish people from all over the world will have an automatic right of entry to Israel. Such proposed uncontrolled and exclusively Jewish immigration and potential expansion of Israeli borders, affects the delicate political balance in the region, the relationships between Israel and the other Arab states of the Middle East.

Such policies are leading to increasing concern and criticism by western governments and observers and support for the position of Israel is waning as a result. According to the Jewish Times, this lowering of support is running alongside an increase in anti-Semitism, and a lack of understanding by the Western governments and allies, of Israeli motives, particularly towards the Palestinians. Such increases in anti-Semitism worries them greatly, and, it is felt, that it is not helped by the support being given for the creation and recognition of a Palestinian state by some Western governments. A solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict or a road map to peace doesn't appear to be on the immediate or short-term agenda and will be a long time coming. Things can only get worse in the New Year...

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