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  • From: John Young <jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 16:41:44 -0400

I spent a while in Israel looking for places to built housing
underwritten by NY real estate gadzillionaires. Had intros to
top housing officials around the country who were bored with
US eager beavers intervening but endured the annoyance
for what little dribbled in after lots of big talk. Ridiculous
assholes is what my rich sponsors were called in-country,
and me they couldn't take seriously so cracked jokes about
what was my problem, need Freudian dental work, eh, and
far worse, sex tourism wise.

I adored the pistol-packing civilians out of the Wild West,
rifle-toting, hitch-hiking soldiers, female and male, military
everywhere none of the phony separation in the US.

Two anecdotes then out of here.

Down south in the desert, miles from anywhere I stripped
to sun bathe nude. Great no tan lines. Then the sky erupted
with an Isreali jet flying 20 feet off the ground right over
my bare ass. I later learned that was commonplace for
desert wanderers from whatever Bedouin tribe the pilot

Recovering from that shock I ventured to the Egyptian
border where soldiers were mending a fence. I halloed
anybody speak English. Sure, Joe, one said, where you
from. New York, I said. Ah, yes, he said in Brooklyn English
that's got that great discount camera store 47th Street Photo.
My favorite computech place now RIP.

I enjoyed Israel a lot, from top to bottom, from east to west.
What I didn't like was the near slave treatment of the
native Palestinians who did most of the hard work. They
hated me and let me know it, silently, spitting at my
feet, bumping me aside on the sidewalk, kids pounding
my rental car, throwing rocks at river crossings.

Getting out of Israel, heading for Cairo, was a test of
endurance. Guards ravaged by luggage, interrogated
my travels, delayed me to miss a flight, ridiculed my
explanations. Damn, what the fuck is wrong with this
country, I mused, silently, admiring the weaponry and
the sick humor of the guards at rattling another
hated American. You didn't know Israelis hate the US?
Get real.

Back in New York I learned the whole trip was an often
played joke, a way to kill two stones with one bird, accolades
from the brotherhood for supporting Israel without having
to risk your ass, and tax write-off for the same purpose
and same cowardice. Thus the hatred of Americans
throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Asia, Africa,
South America, Australasia, Europe, Moon, Mars,
you get the point of remote fucking with other people
for their freedom and democracy. Holy Land of the

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